EXODUS BY BUS: Fabiyi Faithful

Seventh Passenger on-board EXODUS BY BUS

Fabiyi Faithful in Abuja

A lot of people have specific points in their lives when they walked up to an altar and “gave” their lives to Christ and saw drastic changes in their lives afterwards. I would say such people are lucky…very lucky.

For me, I gave my life to God on continuous bases as I did the ceremony about 12 times to the extent that my dad stopped taking me for his crusades as I will always come out for altar call.

My childhood was surrounded by the Christian lifestyle and to be sincere, it was exhausting. Christianity became a mere religion to me where I was playing safe, so in case heaven or hell was real, I had a good deal to be in the better place. There was no transforming change whatsoever in my life as I was as dull as it could get, very stubborn and above all, was dealing with heart issues too high for my age and I’m sure even my parents – as adults – had never gone through what I was going through. The truth is even now, I haven’t gotten a whole grasp of what I go through in my heart…LOL.

I was in a Christian secondary school and in Js 2, I got the Holy Spirit baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues, but I didn’t know what to do with it or how it could set me free, I just saw it as another achievement in my Christianity bag that made me more eligible for heaven.

Before I entered the University, I made a deal with God that I would  serve him diligently and in return he would give me a First class. I  followed faithfully through my 100level and 200level.

In 300l, 2016. We had a major setback at home and it was really bad. A friend of mine invited me to a fellowship where I saw people earnestly praying in tongues. I could literally feel the presence of God and for the first time, I was happy to be in a God-related atmosphere. I wasn’t forced to come. I was there on my own and the experience was AMAZING. But in the midst of it, I didn’t understand why people were praying, why they were yearning so much, why some were crying, the whole expression was very difficult for me to understand. I began to ask myself if they were all going through one thing or the other just like me.

The second thought that came to my mind was, if people who pray to God like this would have to continue so they can get answers to prayers, would my life be like this, crying as I hold on to unanswered prayers.

Testimonies and words of encouragement were shared after and I soon realized that it was not about their problems at all. What made them cry was God’s love, faithfulness in their unfaithfulness and mercy – that was what made them cry. They felt they didn’t deserve it…Well, I felt I deserved it because I wasn’t unfaithful and I was living a “Christian” lifestyle, religious actually.

As I kept on going, I began to feel refreshed by the words I was hearing and I wanted get these encouragements and the confident in Christ by myself. I realized they weren’t quoting KJV and I ordered for an NLT study bible. I started reading and would pray in tongues with passion that wasn’t there but I would pray in the high tone I heard during the fellowships and even though I felt like I was making progress, I wanted more. Then, there was a program in Lagos, immediately I heard about it, I wanted to go, I made all arrangements and I went. The experience changed me. I saw my dirt and how much God loves me even when I actually don’t deserve it cause I realized I wasn’t serving God out of love but fear, and all those years of going to church because I wanted to seek approval , DIDN’T COUNT.

Young and Yielded turned my heart to God. I cried for hours and yearned for more of God and God started revealing himself to me.
The journey so far has shifted from what I can get from God and how I can avoid hell to loving God because he first loved me, it’s okay if this sounds abstract, it once did to me.
However, I would not consider myself at my best now. I still get disappointed and I still disappoint, I don’t read my bible every day, I make mistakes and still take decisions without hearing God’s will or leading the way and somehow believing that God would catch up...

Thank you for reading this Salvation story. I believe you have been blessed and encouraged.

If you would like to share your Salvation Story as a means to encourage others in the faith, kindly do so by visiting this page and following the instructions there. We would love to have your story on our platform. Until the Bus Stops by again with another story, have a beautiful day ahead.

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