To My Buddy: The Temple of the Body

BOND 256

Dear Jaja,

…writing about the Messiah has given me a lot to think about: about how indebted I am to the order of creation, about my debt to the creator, about the depth of my sorrows and where they came from, about the dangerous desire(s) that burrow(s) deep into my bones and sometimes deeper than my skin. I have come to think of sin as a holistic affair and not just something prompted by the flesh, alone.

There are days when sin begins from the mind and the flesh is only subjected to act.

While I’m not sure the flesh would hardly resist satisfying itself, I’m pretty certain the spirit is often ignored and the soul, tormented, in those moments of sins – secret and sedating. You can say this is a declaration of the internal war. For sin to happen, there is war among your members. Truth is, my buddy, if we need to know what hell tastes like, we can glance at our lives as we pursue pleasure (when it is displeasure to GOD) and only become aware of the right and wrong phenomenon immediately after committing the act of evil. That, too, is hell: the inability to fight for what is right, for what we write about holy living and for what we are out rightly certain is bad for the business of living. That is hell.

But, Jaja, I’m not writing about hell am I? I already did that to my friend, Busayo here and here. In this letter, I want to address what we failed to address, the last time. We begun, but we would be gone far too much to realise the more pressing issues to talk about – and this happens every time, sadly. So here it is: having the consciousness of the body as the temple. Wait, I think it’s more than that. I think the body is our offering – in the new testament – to GOD.

BEFORE the Messiah (here we go again), we would need to offer bulls and rams and oxen (whatever that is) and sheep and most previously lambs (pure, sweet and noisy at slaughter) to GOD in fire after their blood has been drained off for the purpose of purity (or something in that similitude). However, with the Messiah, the sacrifice and the baptism of the HOLY-SPIRIT with fire to inspire us aright, GOD is no more interested in animal sacrifice.

Heck! Sheep can’t save we, the sheep. No no.

We cannot buy ourselves some sinless record nor can we truly get off from doing the evil we so desired to do when we did it by crying lambs or bloody bulls. My point is, in this dispensation of salvation, GOD’s predisposition is that we offer our bodies as sacrifice in the like manner of CHRIST – not to be crucified, physically – but to be mortified from the sins which easily beset us (since we have the power of the conscience to wage war against sin and the weights that lead to sin).

So, in all simplicity, Jaja, our bodies are the new sacrifice. We have it as an obligation to sacrifice our bodies to the Course of GOD. Errr…sacrifice, here, would mean refraining from doing what would harm the sanctity of the body, it would mean offering this sanctified body as spiritual premises for the holy and only wise GOD – JEHOVAH; it would mean relinquishing the power over flesh to the power of the spirit of GOD that would thresh our weakness from our beings to make us whole and strong in the light of reaping; in the full coming of the Messiah, a triumphant warrior in the Name of the LORD.

So the sacrifice to the Course of GOD would be to prepare our bodies as temples, avoiding blemish and negative thoughts (and as you rightly say more often than desired: bad vibes) and keeping the purity of the mercies of GOD over us. Our presentation is the offering of this healing body and temple to The CAUSE, GOD, for HIS Course to take over because we were made to give HIM Glory, we were given glory to further glorify HIS Glory and all our beauty and sundry is for eternal gratitude to the creator who refused – beyond years of being “frustrated by our infidel lifestyles” – to let us perish. I think this, we can faithfully relish.

Lest I forget, considering this, I’m sure you can agree that sometimes, body needs to be firewood for it to burn for JESUS.

So our aim is to be holy, in GOD’s standards, to be acceptable before HIM in all pleasure to HIS Name which is our eternal Purpose. Then in whatever wave of life the LORD places us, we surf with all joy – that would serve as the true definition of service to GOD: obeying His dictates in all things so that all things are lofty and pleasant and righteous.

That said, enjoy your evening 😏


P.S Reading Romans 12:1 would give you a shorter version of this letter but hey, you wanted the long route, well deserving, too. Thank you.

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