Breaking the Wheel: A Christian Command of Change

BOND 257

Introduction: Mirroring GOD

Do you remember when you had to mirror GOD? Do what the most high does; if GOD dances, you dance; if GOD smiles, you smile; if GOD is attacked, you are also attacked; if GOD is hated, then you (who are just like GOD) are equally hated? Do you remember? Good. That was the very implication of loving GOD with all you heart and your soul and you mind and your strength (Mark 12:30).

The Consequence of mirroring GOD

I think we (should) all strive to do this, endeavour, and thrive to live by this principle. If you live the way you see GOD live or you want to do so, then you would fight sin; then GOD reveals Himself to you and in this revelation, you (would) have all you need because light answers all questions of darkness, lightens the burden of shadows, casts shade(s) to other things but you, keeps you at the centre stage of events. When the revelation of GOD comes – because you desire it and it is your desire, like fire in your bones – it changes you and changes everything.

Yes, GOD is a game-changer, not a rule-breaker, let that sink in.

Going a Step further In Mirroring

Now, you would need to add something to your summary of the laws and prophets – capsulated for all right fulfilment.

Remember when you were asked to love your neighbour as yourself? (Mark 12: 31). Yes I thought you might forget. That Command is a tree, has many branches, branches off on all faucets of life. There would always be a neighbour and then there would be you. It is a beautiful depiction of ‘do-as-do’. Well, not quite but let me explain.

Mirroring the Neighbour

In being a lover of your neighbour, you wouldn’t want to stop loving GOD with everything (you have).

No, we should not please men and lease GOD to the obscure. That’s not the plan: to exchange the highest item on the priority list for the least.

Loving the Neighbour

So here’s what this command is. Love GOD and ensure that your neighbour is equally positioned to love GOD.

When two or three are gathered in the love of GOD, then GOD is kindled in the(ir) heart, soul, mind and strength. It means that what you have received to yourself – this revelation of GOD – which is love and truth and grace and mercy, give the same to your neighbour.

If you know GOD, then let your neighbour know GOD; no GOD-knowing in isolation is an achievement worthy of consolation in a treacherous world.

So we are going to break the wheel today; not spin it hard, but break it.

Breaking the Wheel

The wheel says what goes around comes back around. the wheel says, fire kindled should be fire bridled to burn on. The wheel says, the payment of one eye is one eye. The wheel says, all evil should be evil-paid. The wheel says only good people get good and then goes on to peg good for good and evil for evil.

The wheel judges every one for the evil they’ve done and sometimes, in the end, on a scale of being redeemed, all good is gone.

The wheel is just – don’t get me wrong – because what is sown should be reaped but aren’t we all worthy of death – gruesome, painful, long, unforgettable, shameful and ill-gotten death? Shouldn’t we all die for living the way we do? Well, yes. Yes, we should. But do we want to? No. And would we? No. Not if we break the wheel.

If we deserve punishment in judgement, we can receive an entitlement of forgiveness by this commandment.

In place of condemning us, GOD forgives us; then, shows us how to forgive so that we can do what HE does, too. If we do what GOD does, then we would equally forgive our neighbour: loving them as we have been loved and as we love ourselves. If everyone could be as gracious, we would have heaven on Earth with grace. In essence, mirroring GOD, breaks the wheel.

So this command says, live in peace with all; leave in peace, too. Sometimes, retreat is the best for human conceit.

So this command says, if you are wronged, do the right thing to forgive the wrong done to you.

So this command says, pray for those who hurt you; if you are persecuted, bless them.

So this command says, if evil rises, quell it with the standard of good.

So this command doesn’t make any sense for the person who is directed hurt but this command is life for the person who requires GOD to be their fort.

This command says, be angry (well, we all have the right to be) but do nothing in anger lest you do the duty of GOD and be judge of character which you are equally guilty of – if must tell ourselves the truth.

In conclusion, in breaking the wheel, in upsetting karma, in stopping the butterfly effect, the ultimate command is let GOD be GOD and the human be human and let the human love the human as GOD has loved the human. Breathe in…breathe out.

Break the Wheel!

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