The Fashion of CHRIST

BOND 258



There is one great test of faith before everyone who professes to believe and have confessed to believe. There is one great test, I know. It is believing that the end is near and nearer by the passing moments and that at any time, now, the world would be over.

The Great Test of Faith

The great test before the Christian is holding on to that message of belief that even though we have not seen the world come to an end before, and even though the same message has been preached to our fathers (even as far back as to at least 11 Apostles just minutes after they saw JESUS being cut up in clouds), and even though sometimes it doesn’t seem to be real anymore, the world can end in the next minute.

The greatest test of faith is to preserve this thought, to engrave it in our memory, to uphold it in our consciences so that we are conscious that everything we do, we must duly weigh the effect these would have on our case of loyalty to GOD’s Will when the end of the world ushers us into judgement: condemnation or reward.

The greatest test of the Christian – in faith – is remaining faithful to the Will of GOD in a world that is easily predisposed to ignore and reject said-Will, profoundly.

The greatest test of faith is belief, to believe and to live with the consciousness of consequence. I believe we were made that way, to have the consciousness of result in mind. For example, if you are aware that the consequence of running a knife through your bosom is death just as sinning against GOD’s Moral Law is death, you should neither running the knife or sin against Law. Truth be told, we are aware.

Awareness is the beginning of the work of faith to the fulfilment in belief.

So that is the Christian obligation – to have the mindset – that all I do is stacking up heaps of evidence either for my belief in GOD’s Will or as a contribution to my unbelief.

The greatest specimen of unbelief for the Christian is to deny that CHRIST is not LORD over your life. Which…which doesn’t sound like something any Christian would do until you regard living your life outside the consciousness of the implication which your actions have to the Fashion of CHRIST

The Fashion of CHRIST

This is not to be confused or conflicted with the clothing line permitted for Church or angelic meetings but the very attitude of the soul in pleasing GOD.

The fashion of CHRIST is that the Christian has an undying passion for CHRIST. It is that the Christin is constantly reminded of the duty to be true to self and witness the counsel of CHRIST over any given circumstance.

The Fashion of CHRIST is not forgetting that the world would end and that one of the greatest messages, yet, is that “…just as CHRIST has been lifted into heaven to sit on all glory, HE would return in more glory to take those who wear HIS Passion like their fashion for life”.

The Fashion of CHRIST is also the garment of thinking. An array of thoughts sown into the fabric of living such that you think like CHRIST, you live like CHRIST, you sing, dance, you breathe like CHRIST, you believe like CHRIST, believe in CHRIST, overcome like CHRIST, overcome because of CHRIST, overcome for the course of CHRIST, overcome because the cause is CHRIST.

The Fashion of CHRIST is a covering of light: to wear the glory of the Son of Man over yourself in that at your appearance, there is an affirm, “this Christ you speak of…you are like Christ”.

CHRIST-like; not church-like is the Christian and Christianity at its truest form. Not (only) proclaimed by the person but affirmed by those who have beforehand not believed in CHRIST.

The Christian Fashion is drawing all attention to the Intention and Person of CHRIST.

I think it is the pagan’s testimony that best advertises this Fashion of CHRIST. It says, “come, see, CHRIST in flesh”. Hopefully, without fear or favour, they’ll be referring to you. That should always be our prayer: that we are always like CHRIST.


In conclusion, I reckon that the Fashion of CHRIST is the trademark of heaven, the very investment of GOD, the aftermath of which salvation is affirmed. I reckon it is a product of the design of GOD in that without GOD’s Thought and design of peace, there is no such thing. The Fashion of Christ is the ticket to the mansion(s) by CHRIST.

Additional note:

Permit me to add that the Fashion of Christ is holistic: as physical as it is mental and spiritual in the advocacy by this Bond (258).

I reckon the physical can only be so shaped by the spirit and mind. In other words, just as the Christian seeks to give GOD glory by believing in CHRIST (spirit) and having the consciousness of the implications of actions to the determination of loyalty to GOD’s Will and moral law (mind), the Christian should, by no means, have trouble reflecting the Fashion of CHRIST, in dressing.

In this, it is certain that the Fashion of CHRIST (as HE has commanded us) is to be adorned in modesty, simplicity of purpose, not causing the flesh to stumble or giving it chance to fulfil its lusts; having in mind and acting in body, the very edict of the conscience that if our physical attires are not to the glory of GOD, and to HIS Pleasure, then we are not dressed in the Fashion of CHRIST. In essence, I reckon, by reflection of the words of scripture, that our physical clothing should represent the intention of GOD: preservation not destruction.


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