The World Can Wait: Addressing the Matters of Weight

Bond 259

On a scale of life to death, pitch your life against death; against dead things; against everything that comes from death; against dead works, against dead thoughts, against death in all it’s dying factors. On a scale of life to death, choose life and let the scale be balanced by the choices of life that you make.

Death can wait; choose life while you are alive.

The World can Wait

While you fight for what is right, while you hold on to GOD, while you remain in the fold of the good Shepherd, while you damn the cause of damnation, itself; while you agree to be refused by hell; while you sow the seed of eternal life in the many sacrifices you make upon the earth, while you unveil the secret evils to overcome the secrets of evil and live for good. The world can wait.

The world Can Wait; build your faith until your world is made of faith.

The world is a weight

The world can easily upset your stance for GOD, the world can easily make you digress, make you consider a more temporary progress, make you embrace your weakness instead of fighting for better with all your strength.

The Word encourages a very evil form of contentment that goes against every commandment of recovery that GOD prescribes.

The world can make you comfortable with the seemingly palatable taste of sin while it feeds you with nothing but emptiness and empty promises like smoke dispatching as quickly as they gather. The World can wait because the world is a weight. Set yourself free. Wait! You have been set free, embrace that freedom that JESUS gave you; become a mirror and play the game: do as JESUS does.

Accepting JESUS as Lord over (your) life sets you free; behaving like JESUS makes you free.

The world can wait because it is a weight

In the case of setting forth to fly, in the case of reaching for hugger ground; for what is high, in the case of going beyond the limits of the sky, in the case of approaching the Holiness of the Most High, drop the weight. What stands between you and GOD Is your denial or acceptance of the world, it is your denial of self for the self-same purpose of acceptance with/from GOD.

To be aligned, you must cut the line that connects you to the world which makes you an enemy to GOD.

On a scale of loving GOD to living for GOD, let go of the world. On a scale of living for GOD and pleasing GOD, let go of the weights that cause you to sin; on a scale of pleasing GOD and being rewarded by GOD, let go of the restraints of self. On a scale of man to GOD, let man be devoted to GOD and man would be the best for it all.

On a scale of love to GOD, Man must scale through lust to find love in GOD.

Additional Note

When you measure the importance of GOD with the weight of GOD, you’ll come to one clear assertion, “I need GOD more than I need the world”. So you say to yourself, “I’m going on a diet from the world. I’m going to stop feeding wrong and start eating right; start eating healthy; I’m going to feed on GOD, on HIS Word, live by HIS Word, move forward and not look back to the world, to the charging chariots of Pharaoh’s army or to myself when I was lost in the darkness. I’m going to exercise my conscience, my faith and my belief in GOD, and I’m going to hold on to the relief and peace that comes with trusting GOD in difficult days and hard trials. I’m going to eat right, go through the heat, sweat out doubt, pass my test of hell so that in the end, hell would rather have none of me because I’ll have none of it and would have nothing with being tormented because I embraced separation from GOD and HIS Will for my creation. The World can wait. On a second thought, world, bye!

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