The Christian Narrative of “YOLO” (Part One)

BOND 260

Dear FATHER, as you are one with the SON and the HOLY-SPIRIT (in spirit) make me one with YOU (all). Amen.

To the Power of One

It is because of the unity of purpose and mind and will that three persons can be one in the trinity. Amen.

Dear You,

You have one life to live

You have one life to live for GOD. In the case of numbers and numbering one’s life and having the accurate count on which to live, you have one life, really. You have had a second chance at living right but you have one life. You have always had one life. Which is very reasonable because JESUS CHRIST wouldn’t come to save you if you had another life (just like this one) to live. It is because you have just this life, to prove your loyalty and decision, that GOD had and still has to save you from destroying it in the first place.

You have one life to leave

YOU have one life to leave in GOD’s Care. You agree that you actually have one life to live. You also agree that you have one life to live but your life is highly dependent on GOD who had to save you for life to be lived rightly. Mate, this one life you have, you need to live it right; to live this one life right, you need to leave this one life in the Hands of GOD, in the ambits of HIS Law, in HIS standards; to leave it to the manner of GOD’s Pleasure. Because GOD’s pleasure is the greatest measure of pleasure for us.

You have one life to believe in

You have one life to believe in: the life of JESUS CHRIST. So if you what to leave your life to GOD and to cast all the implications and consequences to the care of GOD, then you can only do so by believing in the life of JESUS. The life. Not just the death and resurrection but the life. Look at what JESUS did while HE was alive, then compliment this with what HE did while HE was dead and add these to what HE did when HE resurrected back to life – to never die, again. You have one life to believe in; it is the life of JESUS CHRIST because this life of JESUS cannot be subdued or conquered by death.

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