No Shame in Giving Glory to GOD: A Letter

Dear Itoro,

Today, I have just a few things to say. Once I say them, I’m ready to damn the repercussions. It’s that serious.

Let me begin by saying that those who wish to discredit GOD have recently begun to discredit the revelation of GOD based on the emergence of current situations; resulting in the deteriorating instance of subjecting the Word of GOD to the occurrence of the earth.

Truth doesn’t change even if the people do; truth doesn’t change even if the people want to. Truth is truth.

In the bid to either sculpt the Holy Bible to please the current anomalies or simply get rid of it (completely), I’m now aware that the authors of the Bible are regarded as cowards: either playing it safe under tyrannical laws of Rome, Persia or Hebrew theocracy or they were misogynistic women-oppressors and child-killers. Itoro, the first stone has been cast and it hit the crown.

Attack the GOD or the man (of GOD) HE sends, attack the message, attack the messenger but that doesn’t make the truth a lie for the sake of convenience amidst conviction.

I believe it’s just a repetition and we have fallen prey to the wiles of the serpent, again: who – in like manner – had to discredit the (instructional) Words of GOD in order to introduce a new system of thinking which not only damned humanity in death but is still ongoing as a principle which states humans should become their own god(s) and living life the way they want. If this is not the new order of things right now, then it’s the claim that GOD doesn’t exist. Itoro, see!

Perhaps, it is the same strategy: discredit the witness(ing) of GOD’s Word by attacking the intention of the witness then moving on to present a contrary evidence which would influence the whole world from belief to doubt and then desolation on the long run when we get kicked out of peace. To address this, I’m going to state it clearly – to everyone who would read this – you cannot pick one part of the Bible and leave the rest.

Every part of the Bible has a role to play for the Bible to be the Bible. You either pick all or pick nothing. Heck! You don’t pick. You accept or reject. The Bible is complete – just as it is.
Live it or leave it.

Don’t amend it or try to. The context is there as a guide to the intention of the content; don’t add or subtract. You can’t divide it into: good scripture and bad simply because you need to feel comfortable. FYI, that’s cowardice, too. All inscription of scripture was by the inspiration of GOD i.e. GOD revealed HIMSELF in these words.

Take it or…nothing.

Every mistake (not referring to grammar, syntax or translation) you see in the Bible – made by (wo)men either with slaughtering or commission of errors and sins – are, at best, a perfect mirror to show to us how filthy we’ve been, how much we need to be saved, how dependent our morality is on GOD, and how we still are – especially when we drench ourselves in the false assumption that we are worthy to cast the first stone. The thing is, when our consciences are right and truthful and pure, I wouldn’t need to rant so much about the abuse of the Bible by humans who which to twist it up for juice and dump it as chaff.

The abuse of the Bible is real, both as a tool to manipulate others or as a false testimony to discredit it from what it is: infallible. The drug which is abused can be good if rightly taken as well prescribed.

That said – oh my, I said a lot – I wanted to say that there is no shame in the glory of GOD. There is no shame in giving glory to GOD, in the given glory of GOD. There is no shame in GOD. There is no blame, no cause for these and if they rise, there is a testimony of liberty to conquer them and tame unto subjection of faith; under the good judgment of GOD.

When we come full-face before GOD, I’m sure it becomes basic instinct and intuition to bow, because the glory is so great. The truth is, there is no harm in giving glory to JESUS who is the definition of the presence and work of GOD.

The one who has revealed GOD to us needs to be adorned in all glory. So when we breathe, we need to glorify JESUS; when we eat, we glorify JESUS; when we sit in council and dispense justice, we need to glorify JESUS; when we set our feet to journey, we must glorify JESUS; as we are or as we shall be, we should glorify JESUS.

In my family, we say it as a greeting, “Glorify JESUS”. The reasons are simple: to salute the JESUS in each of us, to glorify JESUS and HIS Work of life in us, to declare that our activities and thoughts or speech from that moment of salutation are to glorify JESUS, to set the tempo for JESUS-Glorification, to annoy hell, to give joy to Heaven, to be reminded, to have one mind, to submit (our) facilities and Faculties to GOD, The FATHER and CHRIST, The Redeemer.

In conclusion, that’s the Christian life. It’s not just about staying “I love GOD”, it’s about glorifying JESUS.

Living for that, living by that, leaving everything for that.

It’s about standing in the firing of darts and insisting on the truth which is that after salvation, and the resurrection of the first fruit of glory, we – you, me, everyone – were made to Glorify JESUS In everything.

Its about this understanding. Tsk. Apparently, I had a lot to say, bear with me.


Itoro, I recently found an unused notepad with your face all over it; in my library. Thanks! Now I have a new handy companion. See you soon.

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