A List of People to Avoid In Order to Please GOD

BOND 263

Here’s a list of people I recommend you avoid in order to not be void with GOD.


They who have embraced lies even though they know the truth. Who have declared and believed that there is no GOD; who don’t hold GOD in their thoughts or glorify HIM for HIS Mercies by which HE has formed us in love.


They who have turned their backs to the mystery of GOD. Who have no desire to see GOD nor do they want to believe when they see GOD. They scorn the believing heart, lay wait and hope to waste those who call upon GOD in the days of trouble or the days of peace. From them, kindly, flee.


They who have grieved the work of the Holy Spirit; who have turned their backs to the Council and counsel of GOD; who have lied to the Name of GOD and in the Name of GOD; who resist the conviction of GOD’s healing upon their souls and who are fervent in quenching all sprouts of GOD-consciousness around them.


Who has refused to multiply; disobedient to the command of GOD; may or may not believe but would ensure that there is as much confusion in the infusion of the understanding of scripture into human culture by insisting on human culture – void of scripture – as scripture; fighting the presence of GOD. These are they who cause commotion and put asunder the very community of worshippers, enabling others to go astray, refusing the true way; refuting the array of love on the count of lust and pretense; turning friends – against friendship – to the face of foes all by the medium of folly.


They have decided to have no filling; would continue to wish for filling; would live by feelings (which is not wrong unless it is done at the expense of living by the Word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD). They are not satisfied with the Promise of GOD, the patience of HIS Word and the Reaffirmation of HIS undying love for all humanity even though we hurt HIM with our sins – purposefully or unintentionally. They want more but they want more for themselves. To them, heaven can wait; from them, depart.


The fulfilment of scripture which says “that offenses must come”. They are the tempters in the flesh; not only do they foster discord but they are the very definition of catalysts of evil. Causing uprisings of hate, deceiving love, fighting for attention, enabling desolation, preaching isolation from GOD, representing dependence on self; providing all means for anger and wrath; they are the fire to the railroad of hell – poison eating deep into the peace which GOD has given and left for all who believe in HIS Call of Salvation.


These are they who have no understanding of the potency of peculiarity; urging for similarity; advocating for a provision of what is not rightly designed for them, wanting and going for it at the expense of GOD’s Plan. They are covetous, first in their hearts, and then in their countenance, devouring love and always enraged at the success of another unless it be subject theirs. In the end, they refute both the gifts and the works of the spirit; and are the more pitiful for this.


Who have left GOD and have been left by GOD to their own demise. Who embrace the forbidden and take pleasure in evil so much so that good is evil. They would have nothing of GOD’s; rejecting, always, the design of GOD for the purpose of their desires, taking joy in ungodly summations with anger, in delusions and fighting for leave from the commission of creation to be given allowance into damnation and the taste of destruction – sweet in their tongue – even until the end. They have rejected GOD, truth and all the truths of GOD.


All those who the HOLY SPRIT shall reveal (not accommodated in this list) who have one unknown or uncalled or unspoken issue which they hold over their heads as weapons to fight GOD. All those who fight GOD but you have not been sent to by GOD; whose friendship would warrant enmity with GOD, who would cause you to stray off the course of peace to heaven, who always make you forget what GOD has said concerning you, please, stay clear – make it clear that you wish to have nothing to do with those who wish to have nothing to do with GOD.

For me, friendship is this: having value for what I value; giving glory to GOD, the GOD of glory; shaming hell, razing the works of hell, raising the stance of heaven as a standard for all; desiring and working towards becoming a pleasing sacrifice, living, to GOD, who is, THE ETERNAL AND JUST JUDGE.

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