Don’t Call Bronze, Gold.

BOND 264

The following is a display of undeveloped ideas for BONDS. Consider this Bond (264) a view into the scrapyard of BONDS. You’ll see unfinished ideas, unrelated statements, out-of-context content.

The goal is to show you the black -hole of my mind as I write. To show you the parts of BONDS that didn’t get to be part of bonds. It’s to show you the angry parts of my writing which were left off the eye until now.

In the process of reading, you’ll pick a few unrelated truths…all arranged in the same paragraph, kindly enjoy the conflict of presentation.


Think like the devil and act like man.
This is the worst form of prison ever made.

What happens when you take the devil to surgery?

Do you see an openness in hell? A vulnerable potion of torment, a child wanting to be good and to come home? Do you see repentance, no? How about remorse? Do you see hurt, pain, or anger; love or vengeance?
Do you see hunger to so desperately usurp all authority? Do you see someone who wants the worshiped GOD to worship it? Do you see? Isn’t it supposed to be dark down there, anyway?


The devil is not perturbed by your confession but it would be alarmed by your profession.


It – the devil or the other names it goes by – is always interested in a good fight, hungry for a tough hunt; the bigger the catch, the sweeter the pleasure. (The more time it gets to brag at GOD).

Which makes sense when it tested the Word (JESUS CHRIST) With the word (Torah). Which makes sense when it tries to keep the Christian offended and distracted from seeing the joys of being persecuted per seconds in actions of hostility. It’s its plan: get steal the attention from GOD, promote destruction over CREATION. The devil never creates but when it corrupts, it ensures the effects erupt; to be told over and over and over. The devil pays for airtime and studio sessions, too. Would also love to preach on the altar on a good day…oh wait, it does that already. The devil likes to be on the news; boldly flagged on the headlines, likes to be accommodated in our hearts, a flicker of doubt can spark its presence.


Quick question (on the side), Does the devil still sin?

I think the devil is sin but we all know it’s more complicated than that…(laughs).


The devil lives in the question even though it knows the answer. The devil is a tool and original evil is the goal.


It would take much more degrees of burning conviction to stay on course to heaven with all the pacifying temptations around. No seriously, if you survive all these, you really deserved it – the reward – all.
Where’s the place of “not by power nor by might”?

Again, it’s not as simple. There’s action, reaction, acceptance and repentance. At some point ,we have a role to play in accepting the truth of GOD’s Forgiveness and living through.


Sometimes, we experience miracles that GOD didn’t give and when we get caught up in the euphoria, we’ll miss what GOD has to give at that moment. Yup, the devil works miracles, too.


Who says GOD doesn’t come like a beggar? Who says GOD cent can’t make a man blind from birth just to perform a miracle? Who says GOD has to fit into what you can comprehend? How much is that anyway? Who says GOD can’t?


Anyway the devil’s best bet would be to discredit the steady work of GOD in our hearts but only through our hands. The devil can only work on us if we let it, if we entertain one conversation, take up it’s topic: try to turn stone to bread to prove that we belong to GOD as if to say if there is no miracle then there’s no GOD. SU! You are a miracle, I’m a miracle and if this isn’t enough, please, beat it. If breathing in and out isn’t as much of a miracle to you, then, please, beat it. If a clear sky or a rain at noon isn’t fair wonder, please beat it.


The devil only requires an adulterous generation – like ours – to seek signs before it believes. Some signs are so boldly written, we miss the mystery and dwell in the misery of asking GOD where HE is.


The devil has a checklist for prey and you can still be praying and be hunted down. You can still be in church and remain pinned down as it eats you raw. You think this war is as simple as “devil, be gone, I cast you”? Or “devil, die!”?

Come to think of it, why isn’t the devil, dying?


It’s beyond stating that you accept JESUS, it’s in accepting JESUS and living that way. The devil isn’t scared when you accept JESUS – not as much, anyway – unless you accept and live by this acceptance. It is not by confession, it’s by profession after confession.


The devil wouldn’t call bronze, gold and neither should you. Know your material!


Think like GOD, out-think the devil, a billion times over: with the cross, crucify your flesh; with life, die to sin; with hate, love; with the law, abide; with disorder and chaos, keep the order; with enmity, crush the hissing head of the serpent; with war, choose a side, choose GOD. GOD doesn’t play dice? Then don’t gamble with the plan, either.


Where is GOD?

Not just on the mountain, in the altar, in the alter-ego of ministers, in the tub, in the dungeon, in the wind, in the closet, in the cemetery, on the crown. GOD is in the bones, in the trees, in the farmhouse, in the shack (pun intended), in the mouth of the predator, in the scream of the prey, in the goal, in the wait, in the proclamation of “the kingdom come”; in the miracle, in the denial, in the shame, in the guilt, in the filth (refining it into pearls). GOD is in the heart but GOD is also in repentance; in the sorrowful remembrance; in the dancing, in the submission, the whole-hearted contrite surrender; in the conquest, in love. GOD is in love…getit? GOD is in love.

Final cut

Don’t call bronze gold, don’t meddle the truth with what looks like it but isn’t; don’t trample on parables to fix your shambles, you’ll be disappointed, you’ll get offended.


JESUS was a menace, HE Made religion angry, HE turned tables and broke the chairs of money-thieves and robbers for faith. HE turned water to wine, HE called unworthy Priests, “the least”; be warned.


Nothing GOD does is subject to your reckoning for better assembling. Don’t call evil good, don’t call good bad, don’t call GOD man, don’t call man, GOD; don’t call silver, grey; don’t say bronze is gold; don’t call truth, a lie; don’t lie against the truth. Amen.

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