The Need for Identity in the Course of Christianity

Even though the message is greater than the messenger – but not the sender, who is GOD – identifying the messenger grants a subtle validation to the message. For example, the guiltless can’t speak of guilt in good faith just as the atheist cannot say that “GOD is good” and remain as they are.

Leaving with a Bang: A Letter to JESUS CHRIST

No one celebrates supposed defeat but sometimes, it is in GOD's plan that we fail in the eyes of men so that our desires for succeeding would only tally with HIS Overall design which would successively be the elevation from defeat just like your resurrection was – to us all – a liberation from the gloom that we had left you.

The Burial of David: The Convergence of The Conscience, Conscious Choice and Commitment to Commandments.

In what appears to be David's pre-burial ceremony (seeing that he had lived for all he wished to live for), there are enigmas to pick and epiphanies to plant in our hearts just as much. The first of many – from which I hope to address a few – is that GOD chose us

The Burial of Moses: A lens on Consequence, Evidence, benevolence and Tense (Part Two)

The Highlights from the Burial with great eminence Bond 291: examining the conclusion of lessons from the this burial rites of Moses conducted by GOD, witnessed by heaven and all above the earth. Preamble In this burial, there were no earthly witnesses. All we know is that it happened. One moment, the great prophet of … Continue reading The Burial of Moses: A lens on Consequence, Evidence, benevolence and Tense (Part Two)

The Burial of Moses: A lens on Consequence, Evidence, benevolence and Tense (Part One)

The FOURTH issue is that with contention comes a digression from progression to regret. Someone remembers the past and begins to not just doubt but specifically wish they had not known the truth or met the truth personified in JESUS; someone thinks they should not submit to GOS's sovereignty and in this, humanity begins a movement to accuse GOD: not by words, alone, but by actions or worse: by intentions which fight GOD more than we know.

RE: What Have you Done?

BOND 289 This is an incomplete spoken-word poem (an impersonation): I’ve fallen/ I've sinned/ I've grinned at sin/ I’ve sinned and grinned/ (I’ve) been weaned but sinned. I've fallen/ I've risen/ Again, I hope to begin/ but being human is sick if I don't live, meek/ I have owed morality a great debt/ I’m shallow-minded … Continue reading RE: What Have you Done?


BOND 288 Q: I would like you to quickly and briefly address what you presume to be the greatest error of humanity. A: The greatest? I don't think I can readily do that without creating more avenues for errors in the hearts of people. Q: Why so? Even with all the bonds you’ve shared? A: … Continue reading THE GREATEST ERROR OF HUMANITY

“Where are you?”

We've all been you are; listening to this or reading this. We've all ran away, curled into our shells in hopes of self-preservation as the nearest form of salvation. We've all left where we were or where we were kept; we've all been displaced, dislocated (not by bone alone but away from joy or the magnitude of peace). We've all been distant from GOD and it’s always by our own making.