The Defense of The Christian(ity)

Bond 265

The Chair, the House; it is with a deep sense of humility and duty that I propose this motion of preservation for the true definition of Christianity and the Christian regardless of the majority display of rot and infidelity to the integrity and sanctity of this pure life of loyalty to THE ONE and true Person of DIVINITY – GOD.

I represent a constituency which is bent on representing the true and purest forms of ideals from Christianity regardless of how hurtful it can be to the fallen demands of our human natures resulting in the need to always affirm support for scripture and the revealed Word and WARD OF GOD by guidelines of scripture in every situation.

The Chair, you would bear me witness that we are not interested in labels; at least, we shouldn’t. We did not name ourselves. Left to our own accord, we would not have called ourselves anything more than “disciples”, anything more than groups holding faith in common…the commons perhaps but not Christian and consequently nothing of Christianity of such sort.

The chair, The house; this parliament would bear me witness that it was pagans who named us – after careful observation. Who tallied the characteristics of the person we preach about with ours. These pagans, who saw that this CHRIST we proclaim – who lived, died, resurrected and lives forever – is real because we live just like HIM. It is these pagans who so named us – whether out of spite or for reverence, it is hard to tell; yet a name is not a sin; even our fame is not a sin. I tell you and lie not: our shame for the downward slope of the world is not a sin, our blame is; but our flame (for GOD) is not.

The Chair, permit me to state that all those who go by the name, Christian, are always to be held accountable to it. Our Act is to live like CHRIST and be like CHRIST such that when the world forgets CHRIST but sees us, they would remember. Our living purpose is to be the memory of CHRIST upon a world so selfish to kill itself.

Sin, I say, to the world is suicide by the world.

The Chair, the honourable house, permit me to submit my Defense of Christianity amidst what seems to be a sea of misinterpreted misunderstandings of what the truth of Christianity really is.

Number One is that you can like CHRIST but to be CHRIST-like is the definition of Christianity. No more is required as this is more than enough but less of this is equal to nothing if I do say so, myself.

Number Two, to know CHRIST is great gain but to be known by Christ is greater gain in that at the end HE says, “I know you, come to Me”. It will be because, “You made others to come to ME, so come to ME, you did all you did, to come; for ME”. It is because we do all we do – including breathe the air we breathe, including survive our survival – for CHRIST that we can be seen as Christian.

The chair, since we hold this label, we can duly tell who is so labeled and well deserving of the label.

Number Three, The Christian is he, she and they who shall and have and will forever obey the voice of the creator just as light obeyed the Voice of GOD, to be; just as the firmament, and heavens as did the waters, just as the creatures while they came to be; just as truth saves us all from lies, just as death comes when life has left. The Christian is the tool of GOD, the Christian is a shadow of GOD, The Christian follows GOD, purely, truly, solely, duly, probably because that is Creation, the continuation of the edict or existence; a scorn to destruction which is the state of enmity with GOD.

Number Four, the Christian is a fool: To the world, full of the word (of GOD), fool-proof to truth, is a proof of truth, is a roof to truth, protector and protection for truth. The Christian holds root to GOD’s way, has root in GOD, finds sooth from GOD.

Number Five, The Christian weeps blood; and tears, too, which are the language of the soul. The Christian speaks fluently strength in persecution. Upholds crucifixion, believes in the resurrection, affirms the ascension. States the perfection, lives by the instruction, made beautiful by the inspiration, enacts the institution of GOD over humanity.

Faction over blood

GOD over human

The Chair, The House; I urge you to employ a conscience vote to this and not by your cultural expectations but based on the truth of what this truly is because that’s what it is: truth; only then shall we separate wheat from tares; sheep from ram, skin from bones, eye from eye.

Number Six, The Christian stinks, stinks of grace but should not stink at grace; giving it, asking for it, receiving it, using it, living by it. For the Christian, grace is fuel, truth is the gear. It is by grace and truth that we are who we are; for grace and truth came by JESUS who is CHRIST and LORD over all lords.

The chair, in my last summation, permit me to add that I consider the number seven a signification of completion of purpose and hitherto of perfection.

Number Seven, Christianity is an idea, an ideal, and is ideal. It is never disturbed, has not suffered murder, is stronger in death, burns like wild fire. False Christian would kill but Christian advocates for life, is pro-life, a promotion of life and rewarded by life. False Christian is murder and thus murders; false Christianity be damned that Christianity, in truth, be not condemned.

The Chair, The House and all those who listen to me; listen to me. Christianity has not failed. It never did; was not made to fail because unlike all that has failed – before and after it – it was not made by men and women who shall failed in their own power. Christianity was made by GOD, made in the image of GOD, I must say, and made for the purpose of GOD. Wherever you see a Christianity that isn’t in this form, it is not Christianity. If there is any specimen of Christianity, anywhere at all, popular or secretive which is not by, for and to GOD, then it is not Christianity. It may look like, take bits of true Christianity to be but it is not.

In Christianity, we are all on a narrow path, fretful of falling, keeping the way sanctified. We are all narrow minded, I agree; and why not? narrow is the way. We are all specific; why not? GOD specifically came to redeem us. The by-products of Christianity: helping the flesh, or physically alleviating the body are part but not the whole of this. We can reform the world but the ultimate goal is for us to renew our minds to have the mind of CHRIST.

The house, as you vote, today, in judgement between what is right and not, please do so bearing in mind that neither you or I can really say this is it because this can only be it when GOD says it is. In the end, the declaration and settlement of Christianity is all in the Hands of GOD and then in ours to abide by the hand of GOD.

Christianity has not failed, I so move.

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