25 Notes to A New CHRISTIAN (Part One)

BOND 266

As requested, here are 25 Suggestions as you become a Christian:


The moment you accept JESUS, The Prince of PEACE, Son of GOD who is love, get ready to be hated by the world (Matthew 10:22). The world would hate you because the world hates GOD and HIS SON; that HE has a SON and that the SON loves them, regardless. Yup, the world hates to be loved. So get ready to be automatically unlikeable, once you become a Christian. (John 15: 18 – 19).


When you become a Christian, you’ll need to stop what you used to do which draws you away from GOD. You know that habit that keeps you away from GOD, that makes you feel guilty, empty, filthy; that you know is wrong even if you enjoy it? Yes, that one, those ones, let them go. It would be a hard fight; but fight you must! (Ephesians 4: 22 – 24).


It would be hard. Being a Christian would be hard and that’s why you need grace to keep the truth as your standard of life (II Corinthians 12: 8 -9). Don’t listen to those people saying it’s going to be easy; nothing about Christianity is easy. Picture yourself as being created again, you’ll lose “somethings” and gain others. It would be painful but the pain is all the healing you need. (Isaiah 64: 8).


Speaking of loss, you might not get compensated for following GOD here, on earth. You might only get your reward in heaven; you might suffer so much here that only the thought of heaven would be your respite. If that’s the case, don’t worry; if it isn’t, don’t worry, too. Sometimes, GOD rewards us here and then, there; goodness in this world and double in the world to come (Matthew 5: 12); but whatever happens, stay (on) the course and don’t look back! (Luke 9: 62).


You would need to prepare for the worst; death. Hey, c’mon, look at the Bible, all the guys and ladies who followed JESUS, died. His disciples died, his followers were always on the run, hidden, hiding, hunted down, tried, abused, accused falsely, imprisoned, massacred, persecuted by the world for the sake of the Word of GOD; because the world cannot accept what’s in you (John 14:17); can’t stand what you have discovered; can’t understand how a death…a single death can give us life forever (Romans 5: 18-19) or how the life of one man can save everyone from death if only we believe and live as we believe (John 3:16).


GOD might not make sense, at first. Which is why you’ll need to ask questions. The moment you decide to become a Christian, you’ll have a stage of denial; confusion, if I do say so myself, when everything you hear, see and think of would not necessarily make sense; but ask questions. Ask questions not in spite but to know more. The goal is to know your material (II Timothy 2:15) so that material objections you would experience wouldn’t stand a chance for your understanding of GOD.


You’ll meet crooks on your way; “ordained” ones; vicious ones; anointed ones; deceptive ones; wolves who would like to wolf you down like the sheep that you are (John 10: 4 & 5). Because of this, the first prayer you should pray is for discernment, to know who is right ad wrong; who is submissive to GOD and who is a devil in the flesh. Why? Because when you begin, you’ll hear and see false doctrines (Matthew 15:9) and it could get ugly if you follow those ones. I say this to you as one who has seen them: these false doctrines, the deception, the wrong perspective of GOD, it’s often served hot and pleasantly with a coating of truth covering the main tuft of lies. Free advice, hold on to truth but test the fruits of this truth-speaking people (Matthew 7: 15-19).


If you’re following, you’ll realise that you need to make the HOLY-SPIRIT your best friend. Not your ceremonial inspiration and go-to card when you want to do something crazy but need approval. The HOLY SPIRIT would legit(imately) show you which one is true and false (John 16:13) and from false issues, run!!!!!! I suggest you get a code with the HOLY SPIRIT and make a vow to see it. Something like, “as you direct me SPIRIT who is HOLY, I’ll obey. I’m not making a step without you”. At this turn of events follow through because the HOLY SPIRIT loves to you lead you to safety, always (Philippians 1: 19).


The HOLY SPIRIT would give you gifts. Take the one HE gives you; don’t covet another just because it looks cool(er). Technically, the gifts HE gives us are for a specific purpose; often times for the work you’ve been called to. Yes, we are all called to work and serve; no, you don’t have to open a church because of the calling but you do need to work by the calling. No, some gifts are popular but it doesn’t mean others are less important. For me, I asked for the one where you get to teach people, actually HE gave it to me because preaching would require that. So go with HIS flow and not With the flow of others. Speaking in tongues? If you receive it, fine; if not, jeep going on, please (I Corinthians 12: 4-11).


You’ll experience (negative) peer-pressure even in Christianity. People your age would be seen doing thing that even the Bible would be “too shy” and shocked to write about and the Bible has a lot of things that even I can’t read aloud in a bus. The point is, before you attempt to walk on water (Matthew 14: 25 – 27) or jump off the cliff just to see if angels are with you (Matthew 4:6); consider the context of every content in the Bible. In fact, context would help you a lot because if you haven’t realised already, the letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life (II Corinthians 3:6).


If you want to know how GOD looks like, don’t stare at a stained glass window; read the Bible. Read read read! Read every word because then you’ll get to see what has happened before and how that can help you with what’s happening now and what would happen after now. The Bible is living, alive; it lives in the past, present and knows what’s happening in the future – all in good time.

To be continued on BOND 267

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