25 Notes to A New Christian (Part Two)

BOND 267

In continuation to the completion of the requested 25 suggestions to a new Christian convert:


Your greatest aim would be to have a relationship with JESUS, GOD (John 17:3). The goal of salvation is to get you to the point where you can have a relationship, you know? There would come a time when you can’t access anyone because no one can access a solution to what you are facing and it is at this time that you need GOD – who knows what is up and how to get it down for you (Ephesians 1:3-4). GOD knows why HE created you (Jeremiah 29: 11) and how to get you back on track if you miss a turn. In essence pursue hearing GOD’s Voice as soon as you become a Christian (John 10: 4,5,9,11) That’s the holy Grail.


Learn to forgive just as you have been forgiven and wish to be forgiven (Matthew 6: 12). There would arise great temptations that would make forgiving a thing, a person or even yourself almost impossible (Acts 1: 18), well that’s when forgiveness really counts. Look at GOD, HE forgave us even when we had no idea of it; even when we still hurt HIM (Luke 23: 34), even when we still refuse to forgive. The thing is CHRISTIANITY molds you to be like how GOD wants you to be. Part of it requires healing and forgiveness is medicine.


You can be perfect (Matthew 5: 48); make no mistakes of doubt – perfection in Christianity refers to the process of perfecting. When you identify that you are doing something wrong, stop it. The moment you discover a flaw, pray for grace then use the grace to never go back (Hebrews 4:16). Perfection requires perfecting; requires overcoming challenges (Revelation 3: 21); requires refusal to repeat what you can forget; requires climbing the ladder of conviction, requires submitting your weaknesses before the throne of strength in GOD. You can be perfect because it’s a process; each step is edging you forward to becoming how GOD wants you to be. Christianity is helping the sickness of humanity (Mark 2: 17): physically, mentally, and spiritually above all (I Thessalonians 5:23).


JESUS started with prayer instruction for Christianity (Matthew 4:4); transformation (John 2: 7-9); HE started with history, tracing where we are to where we came from, tracing us to the FATHER (John 14: 6). JESUS started with salvation and repentance (Matthew 4: 17), and ended with the same thing. JESUS ended with forgiveness, ended with repentance as a gift to all those who believe (Acts 5: 31). JESUS began so that our pasts could end and ended for our futures to begin. HE began with THE Father; with creation, (John 1: 1 & 2); with light (John 1:9). My point is, don’t just state what you hear about JESUS, what people stage about JESUS, get to know HIM…go on dates with Jesus (John 21:5-14); get intimate so that you don’t get intimated with lies like that time when the devil quoted scripture (Matthew 4:6).


When you read the Pauline Epistles, don’t hear what you want to hear, hear what is actually said (II Peter 3: 16) A lot of times, you’ll feel tempted to read the Bible in hopes of bending its hand or hoping it says what you want it to say. Whenever you feel tempted like that, take a walk, walk with The HOLY SPIRIT so that HE can work on your mind of understanding (John 14: 26).


JESUS never condemned the law and neither should you. The update to the law is grace (John 1: 17; Matthew 5:17). Let me define grace as the empowerment of the conscience in that you are given empowerment by ministry of the conscience to please GOD (Matthew 5: 27-28). The conscience is a metre that helps you measure how far away from GOD a certain thing would get you. Back to the law? It’s the bedrock. JESUS gave HIS laws which better placed the laws and summarised them; you can say it to yourself, always: love (Matthew 22: 34 – 40). Love God, love yourself, love your neighbour (Mark 12: 30-31).

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