25 Notes to A New Christian (Part Three)

BOND 268


As a Christian, you’ll have a serious responsibility to have an answer for GOD, of GOD, from GOD concerning and about everything in faith (I Peter 3: 15). Don’t be surprised when someone asks you for wise counsel. Just let the HOLY SPIRIT speak through you; like JESUS said, don’t premeditate your reply (Matthew 10: 19).


Do what JESUS did; what JESUS does, too. Christianity is to be like Christ, not so? It doesn’t primarily mean behave like a pastor or a role model in church but CHRIST. Why am I stressing this? Because a time would come when the pastor may fail to represent CHRIST as they should or the role model may pick up a wrong role; however, CHRIST remains the same (Hebrews 13: 8). If you want to really be a good Christian, follow JESUS CHRIST, read the gospels, see what HE said, and what HE did and how HE said and did it all. Do as Christ did; do as Christ does (Philippians 2:5-8).


I know I spoke about peer-pressure in suggestion 16 but reason with me on this one. When you become a Christian, you need to be surrounded by the right people (Hebrews 10: 24-25). The right community is not just a veritable human shield; it’s a needed boost to grow. Be around people whose goal is to be as GOD has designed them to be (Romans 12: 16). Be around people who tell you the truth even if you don’t like to hear it (John 8: 31-32); be around people who pray with you, pray for you, study with you, showcase the fun and love and excitement in GOD’s life and are easily prune to turn to GOD in difficult times instead of trying to figure it out all on their own at the expense of what GOD has to say (Matthew 6: 33).


You are a Christian now; you know Repentance, you’ve known the truth, you know what salvation tastes like, what peace feels like (John 14: 27); what joy is like, you cannot turn back now (Luke 9: 62). You cannot turn back, again. Once you’ve gotten to this point of truth, you have a responsibility to forge ahead. Yes you’ll be tempted to go back to your old life but that’s the more reason to flee. If you have triggers that make you long for the old times, put those triggers off. The Christian is like a soldier and Christianity is warfare (II Timothy 2:3 & 4); the war of belief, of knowledge, of understanding, of light, of peace, of GOD. If you turn your back, you accept death. The only product of courage is constant fighting of this good fight of faith (I Timothy 6:12).


You are a Christian now. If there is anything you forget this one thing you must never attempt to: that GOD is everything to you, would be everything to you if you let HIM (II Peter 1: 3). GOD is GOD and GOD is everything that is needed for your life. It means you have the very answer to all you’ve ever needed to have. Bear that in mind every moment in life and be thankful to GOD by being faithful to GOD (Matthew 25:21; Luke 16: 10-12; Revelation 2: 10).


The greatest feat of Christianity is the glorification of JESUS CHRIST (I Peter 4: 11).


You are a Christian now: you can’t be complacent. This good news which you have received, you must tell someone about it (Mark 16: 20); spread the word from where you are to where GOD would lead you to. The reason for this is so that others can be brought to this light of GOD which saved and saves you from eternal damnation. It’s something called the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 16-20) and you are to preach JESUS and the beautiful redemption to all who can hear. That is an attestation of love for GOD (to continue HIS work for repentance) and love for your neighbour to save them into the fold of GOD’s mercy (Mark 12: 30 & 31).


This is the first advice I’ll give you as a newly converted Christian: become a temple of GOD; ascent to live a life in which you convey the Kingdom of GOD (Luke 17: 21). It would be popular not to be but we don’t do popular, here, in Christianity (Luke 16: 15). Based on popular opinion, we are not in the best frame with society. My point is, our medal of honour is not our church-attendance or (y)our mountain-seeking expenditure (John 4:21), but in the realisation and working dutifully to ensure that GOD, who is spirit, is indwelling in you (John 14: 23). All you’ll need to be GOD’s home, proceed to doing them. Lest I forget, it’s a hazardous thing to fellowship with someone else (Hebrews 10: 25) if you haven’t become a suitable home – Temple – for GOD. In the end, you’ll understand what it means to carry the presence of GOD in you…

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