BOND 269

Q: What is your greatest Joy so far in this project?
A: Greatest? Wow. That would be…getting to do this everyday without an excuse. I mean, it could have been getting random messages from strangers – who then become friends because they want to pray for me or ask me questions, or argue or confirm of I’m male – but I think it’s getting up every morning to upload the BONDs. There’s this joy that comes with clicking “publish”. It’s a thrill, for me because I’ll have to wait for what happens next and see the reactions or responses or the silence. Whatever way it goes, I find joy in sharing these BONDs, above all.

Q: Do you have dull days when the inspiration doesn’t come or doesn’t come in time?
A: No. Actually, not dull days. I reckon when I don’t have a balance between my work responsibility in the CrucifiedWay Ministry and this project, I could experience a set back. A delay in publishing time, a scheduling error…it varies but I’ve never really had dull days. Usually it’s when the days are full of excitement that I defer the publishing time to “later”. But yes, there are days the inspiration doesn’t come as early as others. Take for example, there was a day I was sick and I had to upload the Bond by…I think….seven pm. I was in the car from the hospital. It was…(sigh)…it was funny. But I’ve not had a day when the inspiration doesn’t come (GLORY TO GOD) and it’s the 268th one now so that is good.

Q: Have you ever been ambushed to a debate?
A: Debate? Not quite. I’m not sure I’ve hit veins enough for that but I’ve had numerous discussions, arguments, enlightening moments. I’ve had times when I had to defend the faith in a private forum and that’s where the real test for the bond comes in action. Not everyone gets convicted, of course; but there is always the point of witnessing the truth, regardless. And I don’t think it’s an ambush if you are ready for it especially when the HOLY-SPIRIT actually says, “today, you’ll get one, get prepared”. (Laughs)

Q: Do you believe the Bible is still relevant?
A: If it’s isn’t, then what is? What part of Civilization, now, doesn’t take root from the knowledge of GOD? I believe the Bible is relevant, it’s fresh, it’s ideal, it’s not biased, it says everything about everything and nothing escapes the light. It’s the very constitution of morality in that it shows us the need to be saved, how to be saved and what happens after salvation. It’s as holistic as a dictionary is to the linguist is. Yes, that’s one appropriate description, if you ask me.

Q: What is your understanding of “prayer without ceasing”?
A: Oh…oh my…this? Is where we were going?
(Laughs). Well, it’s a crucible. It’s almost conflicting until you address all the components of that statement. It’s from…
Q: First Thessalonians 5:17!
A: Yes. And it says “pray without ceasing”. There’s a lot of ways to look at this but let me share this one. It involves considering prayer as communication with GOD. So it means, never stop communicating with GOD. Never stop listening to GOD, never stop talking to GOD. Never stop requesting, maybe because you are afraid. It means: keep the connectivity between heaven and yourself alive, always. Don’t stop! My understanding stems from the consciousness that I should not stop this lifestyle even when life gets easy. And this is also in reference to interceding for people. It means don’t Stop praying…on behalf of others who can’t. Don’t lose touch with GOD. Basically. It doesn’t mean you should spend 24 hours praying and not going to work or eating. No. Prayer is not master over the human but the human should be master of prayer.

Q: Thank you. So After GOD’sBondMan, what’s next for you?
A: okay this is…a very big one. I could tell you there is a part two but I’ll have to confirm from GOD. On that. I could tell you, I’ve requested to have a time-out of silence from the world but I’ll have to get back to you on that from GOD. I could say, I’ll need to focus more on my fiction writing and traveling but all these are faucets of what’s to come. I know that there’s a plan but I’m slowly unraveling it with the HOLY SPIRIT. I could be faster but I’m taking it slowly for personal reasons.

Q: Thank you for this session. Would you put this as a bond?
A: I wasn’t going to but because of that prayer without ceasing, I think I should. Anyways, heads up, we are traveling to Galatia next. So…
(Recording stops)

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