The Christian: Actor and the Act

BOND 270

The stage is set. The lights are perfect and you are back to the stage: backstage, getting ready, being molded, overcoming trials, crying, bleeding.

You are going through hell on Earth because you have chosen to go to heaven from earth.

You carry your world on your shoulders. I know you have JESUS AND JESUS has you but the point is you still feel the pain and the hurt (and you should). This cross you bear is bearing the weight of great persecution or just simple effects of hatred that comes with choosing GOD at a time and place like this. So let’s say you are backstage, preparing: healing, going through the stitches of death – one thread at a time. You are to understand that joy that comes with solitude and loneliness and grim opposition and how the world leans towards a communication of error rather than to communicate the horror of GOD-less living.

You are different: you are peaceful, you are strong, you are calculated: conscious, righteous and you are a Christian. Get into character!

In this stage, the actions include intentions, thinking, speaking, silence and then activity. Everything boils down to one moment of decision, one slim chance of making a tiny error and watching it butterfly-effect into the gravest mistake of your life. This theatre is your life and everyone’s watching your acting, trying to decode your character and see what side of the moral compass you stand on; (they are) trying to device a prognosis for your understanding. The world is studying (you): from the moment you became aware that “GOD IS GOD” and “JESUS IS GOD” and only GOD brings redemption – without an exemption of case – and the only true restoration is from GOD.

The moment you became (a) Christian and refused to curse GOD and die a death of eternal condemnation, the world began to watch you.

Mate, don’t bother about the population of the audience: how many or how small. Sometimes, you don’t get to see them, lurking in the darkness or hiding in plane sight. What matters is that at this point (in ever point) “what do you decide and what do you offer to human conviction”?

Now this consciousness of Christianity comes with the assurance that you run under a different script from the world. Your script involves paying attention to one person because you have one authority above you and that person and authority is GOD. In your script – I hope you look closely – everything you do is for that one person: to please them, to be at ease with them.

They are your standard, your goal, your escape from Sheol, your freedom, your Gaol and your indemnity.

Simply put, in your dealings, it is GOD you deal with, first. The world can wait so the weight of the world, kindly push aside.

By this implication, if you vex your conscience and commit a sin, it is wickedness to GOD and not to yourself or another human, first; even if there is human recipient.

Why? Because in the commission of sin, it is GOD’s nature you have broken.

Consider Joseph who got to see this back then: that adultery (or was it fornication?) was wickedness to GOD, first. In this script, it’s GOD that takes your focus…zoom in and you’ll see, there’s a lot to work on as we speak. So in (or on, it depends) this stage, you are not accountable to men, first but to God – at best. This is how we know that you are a good actor whose script is from GOD and action is a fervent delivery of said-piece.

With that, permit me to end this instructional admonition on this note. You’re living as a musical composition. One note out of line and the whole orchestra comes tumbling down. One step out of line, one thought off the course and everything is in ruins. Life is music: the goal is synchrony in yourself and harmony with GOD.

Make no mistakes, your conductor must be followed for all this to be beautiful. Your conductor is GOD; ushering you into perfection.
I could rant about how you most definitely need to pay attention to the musical sheet, to sight-read the musical notation and hieroglyphics on the wall but I have this crucial reminder, instead. You don’t play for the gallery, not to please men or women but GOD. You were not made to place humans before and/or above GOD. In this Acts of scenes and dialogues or activity, called life, you can’t afford to dance to the dictates of men at the expense of GOD’s dictation. When it comes to living life – in the way it is based on a scale of preference – you don’t dance to the tune of humans, you don’t sing the song of blasphemy, you don’t answer to the ruins of humans or act to their script of runes. You don’t obey the moons and seasons but you obey the SON of GOD whose vision is to rescue you, dear actor, from the script of sin and hell to the crypt of peace and Holiness and heaven which is ultimately the Presence of GOD and Authority over all things: dead, living and in-between.

You don’t live for humans; you live for GOD!

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