Water: The UnNamed Woman of Samaria

BOND 271

Permission to speak freely, sir?

Sir! I would like to address a character of fascination from the Bible. Name? Well sir, we were not given a name. She seemed to be popular at the time. She went by the description of “a woman”. I’m certain it was a woman. Tall? Short? It’s hard to say, and it’s not important. Whether she owned land or had family is equally unclear, sir. Sir, the appearance of this woman is not important! Not her pedigree or her degree or anything the society could think about her. What mattered was that she was existing in the same with our LORD. Yes, I mean JESUS CHRIST. No-no. She was not a Jew. She was the woman of Samaria.

The Woman of Samaria

Let’s say she was careful. A little to the extreme, if you ask me. We wouldn’t say her discernment was stronger than her resentment. Her first point of call was racial disparity. Big mistake. Woman! The LORD says He wants to drink, give HIM drink. If The LORD wants to sleep, give HIM a mat – the best one you can get – to sleep. If the LORD wants your life give HIM. Why? because…you know what, I’ll let you figure this out yourself. So she says, she has nothing to do with JESUS being a Jew and she, a Samaritan. We have this kind of narrative today:

The “I have nothing to do with you because you are not black or white or Spanish, or Arab, or conservative or liberal, or right, or left, or right or wrong”.

We are also in a hurry to find our differences and remain different. I think some people even say that we have nothing to do with GOD. “GOD is spirit, we are flesh”. Tsk tsk tsk. So I like the Response of JESUS to this.

The Response of JESUS

Maybe it was calm or abrasive, I don’t know, sir. But it’s certain that HE was resolved.

“If you know who I am, you’ll ask me to give you water and not the other way round”.

Sir, we don’t know who we are talking to. We don’t know JESUS. If we did, we would be asking and not fighting, we would be seeking and not sieving, we would be knocking and no being locked up in our ambiguous hate. Sir, if only we knew this Gift of GOD to humanity called JESUS…

So sir, I’ll skip the part where we talk about Jacob and the greatness of the well and the inability of JESUS to draw from the well. This woman thought JESUS was referring to the well. The well (laughs). Would I blame her, sir? No. She was speaking based on what she knew.

We all do this: when GOD says something, we look at what we can see and say, “No, I cant see this happening” and you’ll be right only that GOD is busy seeing what your humans eyes can’t see. Don’t be limited. Anyway JESUS helps her.


HE makes her understand that this water HE has is living; not well-drawn, of course. If you drink this water, you’ll not thirst again. You’ll be filled, you’ll not lack again. Who wouldn’t want that? To be rid of the anxiety of need? To be free from the shackles of limitations bound by our desires which are not forthcoming. Who wouldn’t want to “never thirst again”?

Sir, let’s just say the woman became interested after that. So JESUS gave her to drink. What was it?

The Living Water

Sir, this water that never dies was revelation. A mystery, unraveled; a solution, uncontestable. It was freedom from the weight of secret torments. For the woman, the issue of husbands and emotions (perhaps) and boy oh boy, she’s a handful.

I can’t tell if men have been scum from the time of JESUS but this woman looked like one who had suffered a great deal.

No sir, her name hasn’t be revealed, yet; but what had been revealed was that she has had many husbands but has had none even now. At the point, she says, that JESUS is no longer a stranger (whose business is not hers) but a prophet.

JESUS, The Prophet.

So she’s distracted again. Trying to get more water by requesting clarification. You see, sir, there is a disparity in worship, “Who’s more right in how and where they worship: Mountain, temple, coven. I don’t know, you tell me. To this JESUS gives her more water. A generous GOD, if you ask me.

The Water on Prophets and Worship

In reply JESUS says GOD is neither interested in the building, or mountain but in the spirit and the truth of worship: oneness. GOD is spirit, you know, if you must reach GOD it is not by the physical but by the spiritual. Sir, you are right, JESUS is asking us to come up higher to where GOD lives. This woman is been invited. No, we still don’t know her name. Not yet. But by this gesture, the woman says, “what about the Messiah, the one we are expecting to tell us deep things”. Believe it or not, she wanted to be sure if this was the ONE. Let’s just say JESUS relieves her anxiety and comes clean. “I, who speaks to you, am HE”.

From stranger to prophet to Messiah: JESUS

So the woman told the whole city about JESUS, the Messiah. Not just the prophet or the Jew but the Messiah. Yes sir, she was an evangelist who enlisted all the men in the city to believe (I think even her former husbands if we want to be petty). No, we didn’t get to know her name.
What does it matter?

Some of us are going to do great things and no one would get to know our names but GOD would and JESUS would and the HOLY-SPIRIT would and the reward would be with you as a certification of love from GOD to you. The only true accountable authority is in GOD, the MAKER.

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