The Trial of Brother Uzzah

BOND 276 There is always the question on the presence and potency of mercy. In the case of Uzzah versus GOD, here are a few questions on Mercy that were inspired from this: Is it always found in the absence of error, alone? Or is it just pretense? Does GOD have mercy, selectively? Does mercy … Continue reading The Trial of Brother Uzzah


BOND 275 Dear Oyin, I'm writing this for myself but also for those like me – like you, sometimes. Like all of us who – like us – are plagued with the misery of crying out so beautifully. Whose bleeding hearts are art. People applaud at our pain and at how well crafted our minds … Continue reading THE CONFLICT OF BEING LIKE THE MESSIAH

The Patient Narrative of Zebedee

BOND 274 For many, there would be a whole chapter written about them; for some, a few verses; for a few, a whole book and for this one – whose heartbeat gave mine peace – the whole blessed Bible. Yet, none of us are without importance. We are all blocks being built beautifully by the … Continue reading The Patient Narrative of Zebedee

The Unknown Disciple, Ananias

Yes, It is only JESUS (through the work of the HOLY SPIRIT) that convicts us to repentance but it’s gracious to see that we can be partners of this great blessing of calling sinner to repentance. Brother Ananias: who neither failed nor was afraid as the Word of the Lord came boldly to Saul; a new life and light that sparked off the great movement in the conversion of gentiles.