The Patient Narrative of Zebedee

BOND 274

For many, there would be a whole chapter written about them; for some, a few verses; for a few, a whole book and for this one – whose heartbeat gave mine peace – the whole blessed Bible. Yet, none of us are without importance. We are all blocks being built beautifully by the hand of GOD (according to the very edict of creation) written before creation, through the word of GOD.

To many, it would be a fantasy that there is one who existed before existence could be pinned to exist; for some, it would be known fact and just that, known fact; for a few, it would be true, the truth, the root and nothing but the truth; for one, I for one, would say I had seen that very pre-existing existence in the flesh of existence.

I saw GOD.

When I saw GOD, walking by the shores of men; I had an earthly loss too great to be regained. In that day – how can I forget – I lost two sons and gained the greatest gift. I lost my sons and gained the SON of GOD. When HE said, “come, follow me…” to my sons, I knew they would. But then, if I could, I also would. If I had received the beckon, if I was chosen, only if I was not broken, or ancient, I would have walked where JESUS did, following from behind, leaving all worries behind.

But didn’t I? For where THE SON is, THE FATHER, also; and where my sons are, I am there, too. For I am not just disciple but a father of apostles.

That day, I was mocked and called a fool to give up my future for the man who no one knew HIS future. I had to be crazy, offering all I had to GOD and counting it as a gain without experiencing the pain of death, itself. It felt surreal and so real and reality be damned because where the gospel is now, I know my name is found. Wherever I have been lost, I know that in JESUS, I have been found. There is no loss in GOD, not in what HE has given, or in those who HE has forgiven; not in what HE has said we should do, or in the things HE has promised to do. In giving your life and all to GOD, there is no loss, at all.

I’ve seen GOD

As calm as the moving waves at noon, as streamlined and straight as the body of the fish, as open and firm and purposeful as the net, as steady as our boat in rocky waters, as directive as the sail, as welcoming as the sand on the beach and as permanent as the shores of men. I’ve seen GOD, as gracious, who transformed fishermen to be fishers of men and men who could hardly speak for themselves to speak for GOD. How great it is, to be an oracle of salvation, to stand as a spectacle of grace, to be a pinnacle of faith, to be an agent of miracles, to be who GOD says you would be.

For some, it’s impossible; to more, it’s implausible; to a few, it’s a spectacle but to me, it’s divine that I gave to GOD and HE gave to me the peace and joy that comes with being a servant of HIS Gospel who was patient and solemn, offering all he had no matter how hard, that was.

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