The Trial of Brother Uzzah

BOND 276

There is always the question on the presence and potency of mercy.

In the case of Uzzah versus GOD, here are a few questions on Mercy that were inspired from this:

Is it always found in the absence of error, alone? Or is it just pretense? Does GOD have mercy, selectively? Does mercy come by chance, perhaps when the heavens toss a coin and flip cards to see what side we merit? Does mercy come by merit? Is mercy still mercy and merry if it is fare for good deeds, done? On whom does GOD have mercy on? Who deserves mercy? Where is mercy before death? Is there mercy after death? How Merciful does death have to be for us to trust GOD? If there is no mercy in a situation, does it mean there is no GOD? What is the measurement for absolute mercy? When is mercy too little or too much? How much does mercy really cost? Does the mercy of the LORD – who is holy – cover the sinner who is wholly in enmity with GOD? Don’t we all deserve mercy that we don’t give? Should mercy be the first thing before judgement is brought to correct? Where does mercy really come from; is it a separate component of GOD or is mercy GOD? Can we say that when mercy comes, a man is reborn? Does mercy have a boundary in which once crossed, we experience a great evidence of condemnation and damnation and judgement? Does mercy revive a dead conscience, a broken heart or strained intellect? Does mercy have the power to redeem, to save, to liberate or to establish peace? Is mercy, a fruit; and forgiveness, a tree? Is mercy a call to return, repent, review and simply reverb? What is your definition of mercy, anyway? What makes mercy messy in how we take it for granted? How different is mercy from grace and favour? When does mercy end? Does mercy get locked up in the haze of repetition of error and sin and negligence for what is right? Is mercy gotten by competition or attained by completion? Don’t we all need mercy to be who we were created to be? Isn’t mercy needed for us to obtain mercy? Why, is mercy a maze in which only GOD traces us out from/for? How much of JESUS is needed to erupt the mercy of GOD? Who can mediate for Uzzah without salvation? How much of divine love is needed to cook up mercy? Is mercy jot water to the thirst for mercy? If Uzzah was Christian, after the cross, would he have had mercy? Do we get mercy when we try to help GOD instead of let GOD be GOD? Is there mercy for people who play “god” against GOD?

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