To The Angel of the Church of “You”

BOND 278

To the angel of the Church of You and me, write our owner and head.

If the body has left the head, it is without consciousness and direction. If the body has dismembered itself, one body part after the other or has remained without order on account of disagreement and disunity of purpose, then the body ceases to exist. If the body says one member is less important the body becomes less honourable. If the body is blessed, all members are blessed. If you leave the order by which you were created, you, too, worthless.

If I leave my head who is CHRIST for another who’s goal is my heist, I have become nothing. Say that over and over again.

To the church of you and me: GOD sees us, knows us, moves over us, breathes upon us; GOD lives above us. To this church of your body: GOD requires a temple suitable for dwelling, suitable for instructing, for steering, for living, for loving, for being.

To the angel of the church of me,

GOD sees my work but GOD wants more: more humility, more fear of the LORD, more Obedience, more work of the conscience, more faith, more spirit, less flesh and self, less of human will and more of GOD’s will; more hope, more love, more fervent desire for GOD’s Presence, more absence from evil; more peace only in JESUS CHRIST; less of me and more of GOD. More of GOD and less of me.

To The Angel Of The Church Of You,

GOD sees your heart, and knows your art and says well done but wants much more. Like the wine-dresser prunes fruitful branches for more. GOD wants more. No satisfaction is definite but GOD is infinite and HIS measurement is DIVINE, unquestionable. To you, GOD wants more Forgiveness, more strength, more diligence, more perseverance, more inference into HIS Word. GOD wants more of HIS reflection of HIM before the world. GOD wants the DNA of heaven embedded in you. When the earth sees you, let it see heaven in you. Amen.

To the angel of the church of you and me,

Be faithful till the end, my friend. You and I must fight this fight and send light to darkness and the faith of strength to the places of weakness. To this, in reward, living forward, we shall say amen. This is an equipping prayer. Amen.

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