From Mirrors to Pulpits and Back: A Letter

Bond 279

Dear Seun,

Please don’t pay attention to nay-sayers. That’s how I plan to start this letter; by warning you against those who paint the faith with darkness when it is a bottle: full of light, waiting to be shared. I’m warning you; because there are those who do a terrible job at presenting or representing CHRIST. They make it look like a gamble, a game of chance, an unintentional result; they make grace look like it was not planned, that the cross was an accident and that GOD just took advantage of it all without orchestrating it as the penalty HE had to pay to bring us back.

If you see anyone who makes light of salvation, they don’t belong to light; not yet, at least.

Then, there is this suggestion about the price of/for faith. Seun, you know how weird people get when they have to pay for something they are not very sure of. There’s always the question of the amount of faith, the worth of faith, the payment of faith or for faith. Have you ever asked, how much you need to pay for faith to reveal itself? What’s the price-tag of faith? How frequently should you pay to renew your subscription to salvation? To what bank? What is the money used for? How expensive is faith and salvation and the freedom by redemption? I’m pre-empting your thinking, honestly. It’s free.

Freely, we were given, freely we were made; forgiven. Freedom is our price for giving up the bondage of the world. Freedom is our price-tag of salvation. To walk away from bondage into the marvelous light is what you need to pay for faith.

Christianity is affordable. In Christianity, you are asked to lose your baggage and fly; to let go of your burden and border about one thing: love. In Christianity, you are asked to see beyond the limits and ambits; you are asked to hold the hand of GOD and be led to eternal life. It’s an affordable faith and it’s he counterfeit that costs money. What CHRIST paid on the cross is full-deposit but what we should pay for it, is…acceptance of the payment.

However, that’s not why I remember beginning this letter. I’m not sure I’m interested in repeating the dilemma of payment for salvation or counterfeit salvation or how doctrine is twisted with human understanding and how GOD is simply given if we are simply open to receiving. Well, Seun, I started writing this letter to address the issue of modelling in Christianity.

I need to let you know that all Christians are models. All preachers are painters.

For the Christian, it’s about mimicking the standard until you become like the standard; until you are the standard. It’s about doing what you see – not by sight but by faith. Its about been broken into pieces until you fit the stature of the model. It’s about losing spiritually uncouth potions of yourself until you attain that blemishless state which CHRIST has and gives, freely. But for the preacher it’s more.

For the preacher is a painter: every word, spoken or written, is a stroke, adding colour and image to the overall collective memory of truth and existence. The preacher should look at the mirror, find defects and correct it in the sermon: beginning with self and proposing to EKKLESIA.

The true model of Christianity is from the mirror (self-examination) to the pulpit (for edification) and back (for certainty in evaluation).

It’s a circle: repeat; repent; rebuild.

It is wrong to help others heal and not heal, yourself. It would be wrong, it would be foolish and it would be deadly to show all the way but not go all the way (in completion).

Finally, I believe in mercy; we are all at the mercy of being evaluated by the revelation of CHRIST; on how close we are to being like CHRIST, on how fervent our recovery is; on how humble we are to be moulded and broken: from the mirror to the pulpit and back to the mirror to begin, again.


Your questions have been very engaging, keep them coming…

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