Musings of Potiphar’s Wife

BOND 280

Gentlemen and lady, we must be careful. In re-enacting this Biblical scenery, we must bear it in mind that it is as prevalent, now, as it was back then. Hear me out, hear me out!

We have the rich and power man who is stereotypically too busy being what he is and then there is the addition of his wife. His wife is…let’s just say, as ornamental as all the ornaments she gets in place of love. She’s his background story, some backstage effect…best to be ignored, something someone to be dismissed; or so you’ll think. If the wife is not at the forefront, she is definitely on hind-control. Again, we don’t know her name so let’s try to avoid that in our dialogues, okay? Good. So where was I? Aha. A rich man, an ornament woman and big household with boring servants until this very one walks in.

Lets be guided; minus the glory of GOD in the life of this Joseph, there’s the charisma that slavery didn’t put off and there’s the charm. You don’t get to be a great-grand son of the blessed and beloved Abraham and not look the part or act the pact. So this shining light of a boy steps into our story board and boom…we have a Conflict.

Here, in this dark alley, the woman plots to have a whiff of light for herself – not withstanding the glimmering fact that in getting this light for yourself, it goes off completely. I’ll spare you the detail on groping and grabbing and seduction, and pressure, pleasure, and deliberation, and interception ad coy maneuvers and green lights and candle-light dinner-invites and winks and smiles, tongues-stuck between lips, half-closed eyelids, a sensual walk, a display of sexuality, at its best. Let’s be honest, I feel if we must sell this well, she had to be beautiful if not it wouldn’t be a temptation. There, I said it!

Correction: based on the script, it doesn’t matter; whether it’s beauty or nudity or uncertainty. What does count is that a temptation is a test of resolve in whatever way it comes, to evaluate the thickness or lightness of your overall makeup and restrain. With temptations, come definition. We get to know what you can do; given the chance to do so…

Okay good. So I’m not bothered about Joseph. He’s a kill-joy, if you ask me: owing all he is to GOD, being accountable. It did our scene some descent all in the name of being decent. But the point is concerned about Potiphar’s wife: hungry for the thrill, carefully crafting her move like chess. Unraveling herself, being vulnerable in hopes of being appraised as laudable; being rejected after being dejected after being injected into a system that promotes wrong but wrongly rewards wrong-doing. You get the point. She saw a wave, wanted to get wet and swam for the pleasure.

I hate to say this – not to justify her actions or intentions – but she was as oppressed as the oppressions she inflicted on Joseph with her (false) accusation. She was desperate, since he didn’t take her as bait. I’m sure his prison sentence was pleasure to her bones. Did you see her joy in lying and being “beloved” for bring the “victim”? Yeah, metoo.

My point is, did you see the turn of events at the coronation of Joseph, the awkward moment when she had to…bow? The weirdness, the silent plea and contemplation as she knew her life rested only on the shoulders of forgiveness or she’ll be condemned. Imagine the repercussion of guilt…yeah, metoo.

In painting this scene, I want to highlight one last thing. That all good pays evil in it’s weight and all false accusation would meet the conclusion of damnation. Yet, only true perseverance rewards hate with forgiveness and accountability with the hope of truth in judgement. I’m sure, lady and gentlemen, we’ve seen it all for ourselves, the need to refrain from heaping up evil testimonies when we can leap into the natures GOD has in store for us.

And for Potiphar? That’s another scene, entirely.

4 thoughts on “Musings of Potiphar’s Wife

  1. Well written & conveyed…Obviously, her plan was to get immediate replacement of ‘jonsing Joseph” wit one who wil succumb to satisfy her itchy, wet, luring sexuality. who knows if she got one a-last. My thought though.


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