The Virtues and Vices of Polygamy

BOND 281

Permit me to take up a strange voice from one who is asleep.

Dear GOD’sBondMan,

Nothing you say is new. No modern concept of GOD – which you claim – is yours nor has it been missing from the musings of ancient wisdom. All that happens now, has happened; and to give you comfort, shall happen. Maybe no one would be “crazy” enough to do a “GOD’sBondMan” for 369 Days, ever again. Maybe they’ll do 379. Who knows? My point is, you’re a repetition but rejoice! Please, reprising truth is as true as truth demands to kill the lies. Keep shouting your repetition. Shout! Shout! Shout!

I’m writing this to share with you that everything which has a virtue has a vice. Every good has an evil and a bad side. Every coin has a head and a tail. Every head has a tale. Every good thing can be corrupted and made bad. Be guided. In this matter of polygamy, there are virtues and vices, there are issues and devices which contribute to the overall balance of life. I lie not; I’ve seen the good and bad in all these. Let me explain. Shall I? Good. Your silence is acceptance.

In polygamy, there is always a dilemma. You are torn into – at least – two points. Two discourses at every given time. When there’s an agreement, then your fall is eminent. Decision is good, assuming you can still trace your sanity. In polygamy, the confusion is a sign that all is well; the uncertainty is the evidence that you are in order…or disorder…giving all rights. My point is…your restlessness is your peace, your confusion is your direction. In polygamy, nothing is what it is and all that it seems is seamless. Why am I saying all these? It would help you understand the division of a man’s heart: between two almost-equal sources of affection. Polygamy doesn’t stop at marriage. It begins with a time before you say “you do…”

For me, polygamy is about being a master at attempting to serve two masters. Get my wit, properly. It’s draining and deserving at the same time. How do you say it, again? Yes, it’s conflict: the compromise, the negotiation, the lobbying, the truce, the peace, the plotting, the disagreement, the opposition and oh the positions all mixed up like cake from the wedding.

It is about being lukewarm. Polygamy draws you out of GOD like smoke from a cigar.

Another point is that with polygamy comes the need to constantly judge – not just character but the array of choices. You’ll need to know good and evil, good from evil and it goes on and on. Every contact has two sides…you need to decide on which is which. That’s the true conflict and it’s all happening inside you, first. The conflict: between love and lust, which is found in your prayers to GOD; between joy and pain, which is found in your affections; between life and death, which is found in your being…it goes on. In polygamy, there is no end: the end is to have no end, really. The moment there is an end, polygamy ceases.

Now, I don’t know if we are still talking about polygamy since I’ve not mentioned the fact that Hannah and Peninnah didn’t get along not because of children or the lack of them alone but because of the strife for dominance just like the ideas in your head. The concept is about opposing points scuffing amidst it all to be relevant. Sometimes, it’s GOD and the adversary of GOD; yelling and telling you to pick a side and stick to it. The moment both are present is as polygamous as marrying two wives. But hey! What do I know?

Husband, father, worshipper, Israeli, man.

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