All Men Are Scum: Ellipsis

BOND 282

Do I need to defend myself? No. I agree. All men are scum, really. Giving the right atmosphere to be, I’m sure we all would gladly be. It’s innate and inherent to be the worst of ourselves. So I don’t take offense(s) to that assertion brewed from deep-dug anger. ALL MEN ARE SCUM. Agreed. But what does this really say about the true state of events? Permit me to take you on this.

Who Are The “Men”?

The men are you and me; originally made in the image of GOD. Once perfectly designed to not just mirror GOD but to be the image of GOD, upon the earth. Each of us, having a unique code of existence that represents the thought of GOD. Ordinarily, all men are made by the concept(ion) of GOD – given the very sound assemblage of Breath, Speech, Craft (skill) and Mud – in that order. But Wait, mud? Okay.

So all men are made of earth, and mud and refined clay and dust and from where we came, we return.

We are all men: beautiful, messy, in need of mercy – having deviated from the core representation of GOD in us.
All men have strayed from the essence of life.

All men have left breath for death by disobeying the order of life; all men have left speech by ignoring the Voice of GOD or just not knowing that there is one, in the first place; all men have abandoned the craft and calving: replacing the design of GOD with a man-made orchestration resulting in alterations of the beauty and implications to the duty of that beauty which is found in being the image of GOD by living as GOD has designed us to live.

But all men are left with mud.

The Mud

The filth, the dirt, the guilt, the layer of rubbish upon clear waters, the outside covering of sin which covers us from the outer layers of mercy we should receive when we yield our facilities back to the design of GOD. All men are mud, and clay and sand and dirty, and filthy and empty, and worthless – given the true description of things – scum is what we are.

What Is Scum?

Brethren; please, by peace, be still! Scum is not just dirt and unpleasant nature or degradation which is – by sin – paid for with our own hands and deeds. I reckon scum is pleasure: the desire and fire burning in us to be less of who we should be. Scum is the train of thoughts leading us away from our true selves which we follow with great excitement (seeking adventure into the wilds of damnation).

Scum is death which we succumb to.

Scum is our innate – though implanted by corruption – affection for wrong, evil, the suppressed lies and false liberation which is eminent in the opposition of GOD’s Will.

Scum is being an adversary to GOD.

Scum is fighting the truth and all those who avenge the lies, too. Scum is humanity after all the apathy and sympathy for sin and iniquity has been fulfilled.

Men and Scum

And when the image of DIVINITY in earthly sculpting meets the nature “to deviate from divine design” unite, we have men who are scum. But “men” is not gender-based description. “Men” is a nature of humanity found in all of us. We breathe “men”, we live “men” and we are “men” even when we are woMEN. We are identified by our true position to either reflect GOD or deflect GOD, to inflate GOD or refract GOD; to invest in GOD within us or do nothing and watch creation leave the lives we live.

In the declaration, “men are scum”, we have, in ourselves, an ellipsis of reality that we are all helpless and in need of saving; that daily, we groan with all creation, waiting to be annexed for the good that we were made to be. We say that there is more to all these that we find joy in and only if we could reach for that one thing. In saying we are scum, we are asking to be cleansed, to be set free, shown the light at the end of this darkness such that the end of darkness is to reveal the light which glows inside of us if we cut off the bushel burying it all.

In saying, “men” and “scum” in the same sentence, we have accepted the judgement that provokes in us the realization and consciousness that comes with needing GOD in us; inviting GOD into our humanity, to restore and heal us from the disease of ourselves. In saying this, we hope to be reclaimed, back, to the marvelous light of redeeming grace. Amen.

The Truce

It is not a declaration of war of genders. Nope. Read beyond the pages and see the cry for help. We all are in need of this help: this cleansing, this inning for the kingdom of HEAVEN. We are all in need of calling the truce so that the true nature of GOD in us can be manifested as we walk from lies to truth – aware of the waters receiving treatment and the scum being washed away in the blood of JESUS, OUR currency purchase for freedom. Amen, again!

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