BOND 283

GOD doesn’t tempt us but nothing and no one says that GOD doesn’t lead us to be tempted. Yes, we are tempted because we have lusts in us but wouldn’t it make sense when you realize that GOD leads us to show and correct and rid us of those lusts? It would.

Temptations are pruning to those who pass but obstacles to those who fail.
From all I’ve seen, that all have sinned, GOD uses the temptations put us to test, to put us in trial, to show us what we are and how we are; to search our hearts, to scan our souls, to open up our thoughts and reveal our intentions. Temptations are used for surgery; to open up parts of us we didn’t know were there so we can overcome them all. Temptations are good for overcomers; Christians are overcomers.

GOD uses temptations to burn the excess fat of lust so that we can be fit for the work.

Temptations are a test to certify that we are ready for the work, ahead; a test that shows us what we’ve hidden that would keep us hidden from the sequence and service of GOD’s open grace. I want you to think of temptations as healing because after them, we know what the pain is, how the pains come and how to overcome them all. If we are being colloquial, temptations are like a diet-routine and exercise sequence and GOD takes us there to keep in shape…

However, temptations drive into our cores: seeking to see if we would obey GOD’s instructions (Eden), if we would wait endlessly for GOD (project Ishmael), if we would remain accountable to GOD and not to men whose standards would change (Potiphar’s Wife) or if we would curse GOD and die, trying (Job’s crucible).

Temptations come to humble us (Wilderness to Canaan), to sieve our substance from the waste (Babylon’s Captivity), to verify if we would stand for the loose utterances of lies in our days (Goliath), if we would not add our perspectives to GOD’s Will (Saul and Ending the Amalekites) or if we would just love GOD even above ourselves.

Temptations come to quake at our desires, to see if we are deeply rooted in hopes – hinged only on the promises of GOD; to see if we still trust GOD, to see if our submissions is to GOD, or ourselves, or worse to the adversary of GOD even through the wiles of adversities.

Temptations come with opportunities, make no mistakes: the greater the temptations, usually, the juicier the reward gets. It’s a temptation because even though it is lawful, it wouldn’t be expedient when tallied with the Perfect Will of GOD.

So because GOD would always lead GOD’sBondMan, when GOD’sBondMan is tempted, it is GOD who has led them there. As the spirit did to JESUS and as the faith does to many of us.

Can we run away from temptations?

Yes, but we shouldn’t because temptations help us tell our proximity to truth, our age in the reprise of faith, our inner state to GOD, our remote state that we are ready to be used by GOD – upon completion; they tell the enemy to be clear because nothing they do can derail us and nothing new can impale our thinking which is set on GOD.

When we are tempted, it is allowed by GOD. Apparently for those in GOD, the devil would not tempt us or try to unless it has taken permission and unless it has been given permission to. Yet, temptations have limits yet the strength of GOD in us is limitless.

For me, my imagination could be the temptation; for you, your strength to uphold a restitution. For us, the revelation of our inadequacies would serve as a tempter to call us back to the idiosyncrasies of our filthy ways; for them, temptations could simply be the hunger for emancipation when all that is needed is submission, I don’t know!

What I know is that we should ask GOD not to lead us into a knot of temptation unless HE has prepared us; that we should not be led into a tempting web far greater than we can bear. Lead me not into temptations that might derail me from the rails into YOUR heart, do not push me away because I hold on to what holds me down and away from you.

Methinks that temptations must come but me pray that when they come, I’ll be ready: armed with answers for and of faith.

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