Happy Feet Or Beautiful Feet: The Choice of being Evangelical

BOND 285

I actually had a choice; don’t be mistaken. I could be the best artisan I could be: walk against traffic, ooze brilliance, be brilliant; cause a wave, steer a riot, champion a trend; play a tune so good, the world would hate it but dance to it.

I could dance, too; move to the beat and rhyme; shake shake shake; control the rhythm and enjoy every moment. I could freeze time as well; as well as pause motion just to enjoy the notion of freedom because humanity has a responsibility to keep the order of free will and sovereignty, running. I could relive every bit of my success; save the memories for later; be raptured in the wind – if so, you could hear my voice in your own breath – and at into your breathing simply because I can.

I could do these things: speak into the waters, walk on ice, glide from mountain to valley and hike back to the peak. Nothing about my humanity says there is a limitation; nothing about my being says there is an alteration; every spark of genius is by deliberation and conscious evaluation. Every point of greatness is clear-cut creation. I could be the greatest of me you’ll ever find. I could have happy feet, dancing and dancing and dancing and moving with the tides: push and pull.

I could cause friction, live in fiction and be the fixation of all well-meaning innovation.

I could but I chose not to. Who am I kidding? I decided not to.

I had a choice but the choice wasn’t mine. Let me explain.

I want you to know that choice is actually not a human thing to make or have. We never make choices, we are given choices to decide upon. The moment we think we make choices is an illusion, in those split seconds, it is not us who choose but a supernatural flux that inhibits our bones and influences our intellects to play god in order to play GOD. My point is, we, the humans, decide. So I decided instead of having the world, I’ll hold on to HIS Word.

It doesn’t sound as interesting to be on top of the world until you realise that the world is only on top because HIS Word is beneath keeping it from falling. Yes, creation is the spine holding all these together. So I decided to go the way of creation: obscurity to the world because holding HIS Word makes you unknown to the world. I decided to have beautiful feet.

The prophets (Isaiah, if you need me to be sophisticated) talk about the beauty of the feet of those who carry the gospel on their lips and the miracle of belief in GOD in their hands; whose eyes see the endless joy of heaven and whose bones burn from the fire – not hell – of eternal love just as GOD’s heart-beat continues to pump. They are wise, they are right.

I decided to stand in the sun SON of GOD, plant my wit into HIS Veins: where the nails broke flesh and where the spear harvested blood and water; into HIS Passion, HIS Pain, HIS Gain, HIS lain Body before resurrection, HIS Bane, HIS Joy, HIS assembled call for all creation to be enveloped in true and pure salvation.

I decided to have beautiful feet over happy Feet; to have beautiful feet first because all beautiful feet shall be happy Feet. There is so much to uncover in this beauty of the GOSPEL and this is it that I can carry the Good-News of our redemption to the world, carrying light into darkness, urging for light; carrying definition into a place of desolation; carrying peace to the face of war and carry GOD to a lost people, godless.

Additional Note

If you didn’t get it, let me spell it out, clearly. I decided to be evangelical because GOD chose me to be…evangelical. The choice was not mine to make but the decision was mine to take or leave it or live it (depending on the circumstances). I’m blessed to have been chosen by GOD but I’m favoured to have been given the grace to decide for GOD’s Choice. It’s beautiful, divine and it’s mine and that’s fine! Beautiful feet, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…

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