RECESS: Nothing New To Say

Bond 286

Today, in this bond rather, I have nothing to write; nothing to input, no wit to display. I am as bare-minded as a child; not empty because “empty” is a strong word and emptiness is a lie. You cannot be empty and neither can I. This is true because no human is void of substance: we are always being inhibited by spirits; perhaps what we feel as empty is the fact that the spirits which exhibit power over us are spirits without substance and divine sanction – evil, haughty, naughty, unclean and mischievous. Now what was I saying before this empty talk? (Pun intended) Oh yes! I have nothing to write.

I have nothing to add to the circle of knowledge: no new thing, really. You all know the truth and that’s the truth. You all know right from wrong and pretense is a sickness, an immense weakness; if I’m being honest. The only reason why you fight the truth is because you are afraid of the healing it brings – you love your sickness and helplessness. It’s either that (being scared of the hurt that truth does to your lies and comfort zones) or you are empty: filled with spirits and reasons to be an opposition to truth. I should have written something wittier here but like I said, nothing I say would be as exciting as this: we, the humans fight truth because truth reveals to us the longing we have for more and “more” is not what we can give but what GOD can sieve into our consciousness. What was I saying before this? Oh yes! I have nothing to add.

I have nothing to bring to the table. For one, I’m unworthy to say anything, today; for two, you have heard a lot before, what did you do with the one(s) you heard? You’ve had scripture to guide you, spur you, inspire you, point you to the extra-scriptural activities; you’ve had the HOLY SPIRIT all along (if you haven’t, you’ve had the chance to…all provisions have been made and I’ll take no excuse), what did you do with all these investment? I mean, JESUS: GOD, had to leave heaven, live on the earth, die and live again just leave and you don’t still get it? How????!!!!! Just how? Please…I’m not shouting…when I start shouting, you’ll know. I’m not frustrated. I’m saying all these with a smile. If you haven’t believed in what you’ve received before now, how would you believe in what you’ll receive after now (which is only a continuation of what you’ve refused to use; that came to you before now)? Oh dear…I’ve lost my train of thinking. What-was….oh yes! I have nothing else to say.

You could be right! I mean, I am only human, after all. What do I know above humanity and the weakness and the filth and the living mud and the swift thought that all beauty is calved clay and that all these beauty could end when you stopped breathing for as much time us needed and (your) heart, stopped pumping for just the amount of time life needs to leave? What I’m saying is that dead beautiful people are beautiful but…dead.

You could be right! I am only Christian, after all. What does the Christian know about reality? We are all always in our bubble, saved by GOD and living under HIS ambits by obeying HIM. Getting life done the easy way with the HOLY SPIRIT, who not only knows everything but shows it all to us – not based on good behaviour, alone but out of the warmness of HIS HOLY SPIRIT heart of love. You are right! We get it easy in life, we believers and true followers of GOD: we are pampered and spoilt with everything. All we get to do is mortify our flesh, say no to temptations, deprive our innate longings of sin; not have our own wills, always wait for instructions from GOD, die for the truth, preach Jesus to a world that doesn’t want to listen and get persecuted for all these. Yup, we get it way too easy in life; we are privileged, upper-chain predators who lack nothing. Sounds good from up here. Amen!

Today, in this bond rather, I have nothing brilliant to say; I’ve been rolling over my personal beach of wisdom, floating over the sound of my own fingers typing what I’ve seen from the Holy Bible in a less fancy way so you could relate. I don’t know…sassy? Two could play…anyway; ignore that. Today, I have nothing super to say; nothing you didn’t know or couldn’t have known before now. If GOD judges us, now, there is no excuse of ignorance! (Laughing) you know all things; you were created so…genius…

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