BOND 288

Q: I would like you to quickly and briefly address what you presume to be the greatest error of humanity.

A: The greatest? I don’t think I can readily do that without creating more avenues for errors in the hearts of people.

Q: Why so? Even with all the bonds you’ve shared?

A: Exactly! The errors of humanity are like a hydra but I can confidently show you the way to find this out yourself just as I have.

Q: I believe that would be as adequate and welcomed as well.

A: Thank you. Without a question of doubt, the creation of humans was not made by questions or questioning; GOD didn’t need questions of evaluation or contemplation when HE was busy with the creation of humanity and even life in its entirety. In fact, it was more about declaration of intention and actualisation by creation. We were not made from or out of questions.

Q: So are you saying the problem that leads to human errors is questions?

A: No. I’m saying the first time questions were introduced to humanity, they led to our fall. The issue with questions is found in the determination of their intentions and not necessarily the evaluations they facilitate. The serpent would pass for a revolutionist, which would appear like a good thing but not always. My point is, it asked questions humanity couldn’t respond to as it should; thus, we fell. That’s what I’m saying.

Q: So how does this knowledge help us find the greatest error of humanity.

A: First of all, questions or asking questions are not the problem as I’ve said but the issue is bothered on who’s asking the questions and why they are asking. Truth is, questions destroy as much as they can aid restoration. In Genesis 3, the most infamous text to the world (because it shows us our faults), we see that the pivotal means of dominion is by questioning

Q: Could you explain a bit more on that?

A: Gladly! The serpent asked a question and that kick started our descent. When GOD came into the scene – or rather made HIS Presence visible in the scene – HE also asked questions to show us what we have done and how we got there. I reckon in hopes of teaching us how to retrace our steps. In deed, how to repent.

Q: So questions are only right when GOD asks them?

A: Questions are only right when their intentions are to bring humanity back to GOD – healing. But that doesn’t say anything about the error until you look at a very crucial question GOD asked Adam. When Adam gave a prognosis of issues on ground: the nakedness, the shame… GOD asked, “who told you….?”

Q: That’s a question

A: Yes! In this question we see one of the greatest errors of humanity clearly spelt out. There is a person that performs an action as an interface to you. In doing anything – especially the evils we do – the answer to this question can aid us to see our errors and turn back.

Q: So how do you explain this further? Just for the curiosity…

A: One of the greatest problems of humanity – if not the Greatest, since I’m being generous – is the person or thing we listen to… it’s the voice we listen to, to do whatever we do. What that question also says is that; for anything to be done, deliberately, in most cases, we’ve been told to do them and that we’ve listened for them to be done. In Adam’s case, the man listened to his wife, his wife listened to the serpent. You’ll see that where we don’t listen to GOD, We are bound to fail and with consistent evolving failure comes eminent damnation.

Q: How do we know who or what we are listen to?

A: First I need you to agree that life is about the voices we listen to. Then now that’s settled, I’ll let you know that there are many voices in this world and none of them lack importance. There’s always something speaking and being said. The mechanism of voices is like the radio bandwidth frequency, “if you connect to a station, you’ll hear the content of that station”. Now replace the word “station” with “voice” in my previous statement. It takes one day to know about this and a lifetime to perfect.

Q: So you are saying that the greatest error of humanity is found in the voice we listen(ed) to?

A: That’s right. I’m also saying that nothing happens without a voice speaking into action. Creation itself was wrought by the power in GOD’s Voice which brought out the words that made things happen. JESUS, spoke about this pertinent issue sufficiently in the Gospels: in Matthew at the temptation of Desire, in John at the gathering of the sheep… it’s the very point of definition for humanity’s path, no doubt.

Q: Do you think doubt comes by a voice?

A: The only reason we are conscious of anything is because of a voice has introduced it into our space. Doubt is a by-product of the questions asked by a voice which is contrary to the Voice of GOD. The goal is to see your life as a result of voices. The voices are travelers: illegal migration could cause you great harm but the voices which go through the door, should be given attention. In case you were wondering the Door for the Christian, saved by Grace, is JESUS…The Door to Eternal Life.

Q: So what do you recommend now?

A: What do you think I’ll ever recommend after saying all these? Develop your mind to be sensitive in order to trace voices and to filter the wrong voices out. The Voices which are not from GOD need to be muted for the Voices from GOD to be louder and appraised. I reckon the world is noisy and that’s another error of distraction but a quiet spirit can sense contrary voices and stop them in their tracks. I recommend everyone who sees this as pertinent to proceed to develop sensitivity to the voice, now more than ever to avoid the plague of errors which have ravaged humanity.

Q: Thank you. I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for now but do join u-

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