The Burial of Moses: A lens on Consequence, Evidence, benevolence and Tense (Part One)

BOND 290: The Highlighted Lessons from the Burial without Evidence.
“Only by faith can we behold that which cannot be beheld by the eyes of those who do not believe”.


We know that Moses lived; the wisdom of which is too great to be wiped out from the very memory of history but where this human began, he did not end…as other did. In this bond, I hope, by grace and little knowledge, to juice out a list of lessons for the minister of GOD, used by GOD, used for GOD, who is used to GOD and must forever be used in GOD.

“This is a BOND made of bonds”.


Dear Minister (usually, this is how I would start: addressing one person – fictive or real – but minister, here, means all of us; we have been made ministers of and by and to the new covenant wrought above the curses – of sin and damnation, even death – by the blood of JESUS, the risen CHRIST and the salvation of Grace and Truth that we have received),

The LESSONS From The Burial of Moses, The Prophet

The FIRST thing to note is that, in the ministry of Christianity (which we have been called to being chosen before the foundations of the world were formed), there would always be a need to be addressed. There would always be lack: peace, resources, prominence…the list goes on. There would always be a need to be solved and healing to be given.

The SECOND thing to point out is that the need in our generation is the Word of GOD – spoken: because all sheep must know, hear and follow the Voice of the good and great SHEPHERD; and written: because we must all come to full understanding of the constitution of existence which we have received with Thanksgiving; the HOLY Bible. The point is that people need to hear the truth which is the Word of GOD: pure, abrasive if need be, not watered down or plastered in deceit but truth as it is which gives hope and corrects the lack of faith. Now, people may not want to but they need to hear the truth.

The THIRD issue to be stated is with need comes contention. For Israel, their need was water (Numbers 20: 2-5); for us, the word. There was contention for water and the need for its provision; for us, we have to contend with wrong sources, and false faucets and damaged pipes contaminating the true substance from GOD, to humanity and beyond.

The FOURTH issue is that with contention comes a digression from progression to regret. Someone remembers the past and begins to not just doubt but specifically wish they had not known the truth or met the truth personified in JESUS (Numbers 20: 3 – 5); someone thinks they should not submit to GOD’s sovereignty and in this, humanity begins a movement to accuse GOD: not by words, alone, but by actions or worse: by intentions which fight GOD more than we know. In the heart of the prayers offered in regret and accusation of GOD’s goodness is the question, “why save us if we shall be tried for our faith”? Ours is of little faith…our generation is such as this: regretful for being saved, not grateful neither faithful to say the least.

The FIFTH lesson from The Burial of Moses is that the minister must – in the face of contention or strife, hard times, easy times, obstacles, miracles, objections, subjections, introspections, split-decision of congregations, general faithlessness – seek the face of GOD: in enquiry to know what the stance of GOD is on the matter; to know what GOD’s truth is in a witness of two – for confirmation because now, the devil has learnt to imitate GOD in hopes to deceive the uncanny and undiscerning listener of GOD’s Spoken word (poetry to our ears). We must go to GOD and not to other humans (Numbers 20:6).

The SIXTH point to be made is that GOD speaks when we call, always, and not selectively as at when convenient (Numbers 20:7).

In the SEVENTH, I must state that in answering our request, in giving us solution as GOD above the sanction(s) of sin, GOD gives us an authority in HIS Word (for work) and instruction (for Moses, a rod); then, GOD gives us an audience (since no minister is sent to the whole world without a specific concentration of people (for Moses, it was the assembly of Israel); then, GOD gives the minister a method of the authority and this is followed by a procedure which is part of a process; after these, GOD usually gives an instruction (perhaps you can say, the tutorial of the authority or the Terms and Conditions binding operation) of service. For Moses, it was to take up the rod, stand before the people, “speak not strike” the rock (Numbers 20:8).

“In the word of GOD, there is not always a need for physical contact before there is supernatural manifestation. GOD doesn’t need physical validation to complete universal certification”.

For us, this is highly specific and with the climes, GOD renews HIS Strategy of ministry to stop the evolution of evil from affecting the motion of true salvation. Amen.

The EIGHTH lesson from The Burial of Moses is that GOD has programmed obedience to the earth in order to honour our obedience of His word. Dear minister it is not by your power or effort that GOD’s Work is fulfilled but that you are present to do as HE said you should do.

Obey and leave the rest

Number NINE, is very simple to understand: when GOD gives the minister a task, there must be acceptance of assignment. That’s the “I agree” button to all these. For Moses, it was picking up the rod (Numbers 20:9); for us, it varies with the assignments specifically given but GOD is the judge who sees that we have truly and thoroughly accepted the Ascent of HIS Will upon us and our wills. That’s where service truly begins.

Number TEN, and this one is a great caution – to me, to you, to all of us: new covenant ministers in CHRIST. You can disobey GOD and still be gifted. You could do things your way and there would be miracles abound (Numbers 20:11). We could be full of deliberate sin and still be used to wrought works of Repentance. In HIS Name we can do all things but the contention is if we are known by CHRIST in the sense that we have done the right thing the right way. HIS way. The crucified way. Suffice to say that miracles can be done with our faithless bones because it is not us who do them but GOD. Hitherto, we need not rejoice that we have done or said or written or thought great signs but that our names are recorded for them; which shall be rewarded by eternal validation from GOD.

Permission is not approval of partial Submission.

GOD Can do the greatest thing for HIS Glory but you…the “miracle worker” are less desired than they who have not seen the glory of GOD if you do these works in sin.

Number ELEVEN: obedience to GOD is our greatest service and worship to HIM. Nonetheless, though grace, now abounds, and mercy speaks for our souls not to be condemned with their accuser, every point of disobedience warrants a penalty or two – depending on the gravity and the size of sin’s graffiti on our temple walls.

Permit me to adjourn our lessons for now. The time has come to be silent for now.

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