The Burial of David: The Convergence of The Conscience, Conscious Choice and Commitment to Commandments.

BOND 292

It’s sewn into my blood and I accept it; whenever I think of David, I also – immediately – think of Goliath. At first, it is about the first impression this character has made (valour, courage and a dare-angel spirit) but it’s also about being associated with giants; regardless of height or the heights which he’d been reprimanded for. This David, giant-slayer and “slayer” (slang for expert) when it came to worshiping the one true GOD was heavily flawed, too. From being a murderer to a skilled adulterer, to indecision, to accepting love as a weakness to the years of wars and “crimes against humanity”. Nevertheless, he was a friend of GOD: commended by GOD, not man. I don’t find it strange since GOD is the only holy One (blameless) and no man can be more perfect but also because GOD is in the (good) habit of seeking friendship with those who seek friendship with HIM – in contrite repentance and obedience to HIS WILL and Word when pushing and shoving come to play.

In what appears to be David’s pre-burial ceremony (seeing that he had lived for all he wished to live for), there are enigmas to pick and epiphanies to plant in our hearts just as much. The first of many – from which I hope to address a few – is that GOD chose us. Now, even if it seemed that you chose GOD over all the other gods you could have been serving – dead as they may be – it was GOD’s choice that you would “chose” HIM. We – I say this for all those who believe – are GOD’s choice and it is in HIS choice that we are found. Nothing that happens to us, happens, because we have orchestrated it so but that GOD has chosen it all: the paths, the options, the array of what to pick and not pick. It is GOD who has made choice and it is we who should decide to follow through with the choice(s) which GOD has presented to us from the moment of creation or new-creation. Bearing that in mind calls for a total Submission to the consciousness of choice and the expectation of this acceptance.

Consequently, because we have been chosen, there is a need to affirm that it should always be our desire to build a dwelling for GOD. Just as David: whose ultimate goal was to create a porch on which the feet of GOD would rest upon the earth. However, for us, as Christians in the new covenant of Grace, Mercy, truth and the SPIRIT, the only dwelling(s) GOD seeks, over all, is (are) the heart(s) we offer to HIM. Let me therefore rephrase: we should always desire to build our hearts to be suitable as dwellings for GOD. This is why we were chosen: to build a dwelling for GOD and not for man; which is judged by GOD and not man; thus, highlighting that we are to remain accountable to GOD, first, and not man (I Chronicles 29:1).

Nevertheless, the desire to do this is not enough. Most times, we “want to” but we “don’t do”. The ache comes with the realisation that we are unworthy and held-back because of the conflicts that characterise our flesh and blood, fallen. For David, it was the many wars and blood-sheds making him unfit and unclean to build a dwelling. For us, it is the battle between our “ideal to build” and our “reality to stay unworthy”. “We” hold us back from being who GOD wants us to be. However, the solution is embedded in this: that only sons of GOD can build the dwelling of GOD. This, of course, has two faucets in how I perceive it. The SON of GOD – JESUS, the risen CHRIST – is the only means by which this dwelling can be built; in that we follow HIS steps to please The FATHER and rid ourselves of the conflict(s) which set us off from being acceptable builders. The second faucet is that only those who have been adopted by GOD – not by blood, alone – through grace and chosen in honour to covenant. Thus, only those who know and follow the walk of JESUS can truly “build” dwelling(s) for the Most Holy GOD in their hearts.

With that said, it’s important to pay attention to the edification David gave to Solomon which is something I have mentioned in a bond – previously uploaded – on the truth that GOD searches us to see what is in our hearts; to know our trueness; to test our resolves and intentions, to deem the stance of our loyalty whether we would keep HIS command in good conscience and be committed to this: to live only by HIS judgement of events and affairs and not ours. To Solomon, David said: know GOD, serve HIM. To us it is safe to say: know GOD, serve HIM. To GOD’sBondMan, “no GOD” no life; serve HIM or severe all things, trying. This is most important because GOD is not, first, persuaded by our actions but by our intentions for those actions not by what we ought to do (alone) but by the thoughts which drive these propulsions. GOD would – sometimes – test us with and in abundance to determine if our pleasure comes from being upright or downright deceptive (I Chronicles 29:17).

In loyalty I must say – as we can learn, from this pre-burial speech – that loyalty is measured in observance of GOD’s Command, proclamation of HIS testimony to the world and obedience to HIS statutes, forever. In all these, I’m glad to say that GOD would never leave us to live on our own (I Chronicles 28:20) if we are faithful to HIS Call and Choice upon us. In this, GOD has said that, HE would do great things through and by us IF we keep HIS Command and judgement. Conclusively, when we seek to know, then observe to follow GOD, we prosper beyond how words can fully describe (I chronicles 28:8). If we do these, GOD would do these.

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