Leaving with a Bang: A Letter to JESUS CHRIST


I’m writing this letter to tell you how your burial went. I’m sure you had a foresight of it from heaven or even Gethsemane – I don’t know; but at the time it was happening, you were very much…unconscious. You were asleep, like Lazarus was only a few months ago. You were cold: your warm body getting empty of the very life it once held within its bones; coursing through its veins and coming out to do the work of creation – well at least continue it.

At your burial, you hung alone. Two thieves by your side. I mean, you were are the Messiah yet only thieves stood by you. The most desolate and obsolete of society; the rejected ones, the ones worth punishing, the forsaken ones were they who were made to hang with you. Your pre-burial was shameful, naked, blasphemous as they hung GOD on a stake like a witch, cursing HIM to dry and die. I felt that deep in my chest.

My beating heart wondering where the others were and how swiftly they had made a run for it. In their absence all belief in you became criminal, all testimony about your good works seemed like acts of evil. The law was unjust and unjust law is just not law and you knew it; yet you forgave. But LORD, this is not about your death.

Many people say a lot about that, these days; they all see it as the final stage of the auction for humanity but I’m writing about your burial.
For a man of great repute and large following, your burial was scanty. A few weeping women, roughly four men…I didn’t count, I had blurred vision from crying, from being the new child of your mother. Truth is, I wanted to run but it was better to die by your side than run away; besides, there was still grace upon you, even at burial.

You did not go as you came. You came humbly, secretly; well, to a point but you went with a bang. An earthquake, lightening striking, curtain tearing, remorse-given, repentance-leaving, sorrow-planting bang. You did not leave as plainly as you came. You came in a manger? Please. You left in a tomb. A tomb belonging to one of the wealthy men in town who followed you from a distance.

Just like your unpopular testimony, your burial was cut short, and short-lived. JESUS, you didn’t give us enough time to mourn before you rose on the second morning of the third day.

Anyway, I have learnt these few things from your burial:

When GOD needs a place or space for HIS Work and glory, HE would get it; like the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. When GOD calls for something, it is our responsibility to give the best.

Downfall and failures are not always the end; except when they’ve always been the end (purpose) from the beginning. For you, it was to die the death of humanity so that we would not die the death of eternal damnation.

No one celebrates supposed defeat but sometimes, it is in GOD’s plan that we fail in the eyes of men so that our desires for succeeding would only tally with HIS Overall design which would successively be the elevation from defeat just like your resurrection was – to us all – a liberation from the gloom that we had left you.

Another point is that humans would leave when they can’t phantom how to live with you or without. I reckon we are wired to desert at hard times but from you I learnt another lesson, calling all those who are weak in faith by forgiveness and restoration. This, too, would be the Christian goal above all searches for eminence and prosperity I hear people talk about.

The evidence of Christianity; of GOD’s love is not in the amount of riches one has upon the earth but in the very ability to say, “I forgive you”. For you, it was all embedded in your entrance, “Peace be upon you”.

Lastly, my LORD, thank you for ensuring that your burial was not a denial of the power of GOD in our testimony but a liftoff from the very ambits of death. I do not know what you did to death but Hades wept the day you died. Amen.

I love you, LORD
Your beloved


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