BOND 296

Dare James!

I know two things that make the world revolve – maybe there are more and maybe they are more than I can grasp. There are two things I know to be the grinds of the wheel of existence and co-existence: Meaning and Expression.

I think MEANING to refer to the ground base of UNDERSTANDING; the very convergence of INTENTION and THOUGHTS which when complete lead to the applied formation of WISDOM. From meaning, we have life and life without meaning has not begun the purifying process. That’s the first thing.

The second thing I know that facilitates motion in life is EXPRESSION. Expression refers to the TRANSMISSION of meaning. It means how we take meaning from its FORMULATION to its moment and point of ATTESTATION and CERTIFICATION. It – Expression – refers also to the VALIDATION of our intentions. It refers to COMMUNICATION. Expression refers to the ACTION, INACTION and EVALUATION of the CONTENT of intention.

To say it as simply as it should be said, MEANING is WHAT life is and EXPRESSION is HOW life is. I believe these are the two wheels of life – perhaps there are more but by them, I pay close attention to these two when I read your verses.

Dare you James! My dear James, dare you. Something about your initial verses suggests encouragement to the first layer of reading but is it, really, encouragement?

Is this really encouragement? I reckon it to be a challenge when you trace the genealogy by faith as you begin your letter, properly. You say: patience is the offspring of faith and trials; and that when patience is mature, it becomes perfection; then perfection when it has grown old in itself becomes completeness – in all riches of glory, lacking nothing that could be lacked. You say to have completeness and riches without lack, one requires FAITH.

But, James, before you say what faith is, you say we should rejoice when our faith is tested and tried in trial. Do you mean persecution? Do you mean rejection, the rejection because of faith? Do you mean the dejection by reason of faith in a faithless world? Do you mean the challenge of faith to fate? Or the challenge of faith by doubt and sceptics? Well if you do; Okay. For you, faith is faultless. I agree! For you, faultless faith produces joy in suffering. I agree. For you, faith is faith when faith is unwavering in opposition. For you, faith is definition in the demarcation of society. Amen; Amen to that.

So here’s how I see it – hopefully your subsequent verses would correct me if I’m wrong. Your MEANING is that FAITH is life and that faith is the turning point of life not just for the purpose of transformation but for reformation of essence. Then your EXPRESSION is this: that faith brings joy in opposition and that challenges refine faith; make faith stronger just like exercising to muscles. You imply we should always welcome obstacles for the sake of our faith. Well, Amen to that, too.

Here’s what I see to your verse(s): when the work of faith is complete and – in your words – perfected, faith brings patience. Then from patience, one attains perfection. This perfection is what leads to completeness of life. Invariably, from faith comes the completion of the composition of life. Form faith comes life. Amen.

Your challenge, to us, is that we build faith; that we exercise faith, that we let faith become perfect in us: in works made to grow us into perfection which is the foresight of completeness. From faith, you say, we can be complete if only we dare the challenges that be with faith and might I add; vehement faith. You challenge us, first of all things, in your letter to have faith as our primary goal.

Dear Ekklesia, Daring Dear James, dares us to see(k) faith then life is unveiled. Amen


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