Love, GOD and Temptation

BOND 299

In this BOND, I might get distracted, distract myself or distract you in the process but please bear in mind that it’s a note I made from making up my mind whether or not to write a letter to James about the complex presentation of the connection between GOD and temptations.

Do we agree that GOD doesn’t tempt us? Do we agree that to be tempted, a part of us is in need of refinement? Do we agree that to be tempted, a part of us longs for the medium or media by which we are tempted? Do you agree that to be tempted GOD leads us to the temptation and promises to be on the other side, waiting? Do you agree that temptations are a series of journeys or let’s say a labyrinth and the only way to not get distracted is to have the memory of who you are and why you need to leave? Do you agree that in the end, the end of a temptation is the beginning of remission? Do think temptation is a sickness or just treatment from the sickness of imperfection? Do you agree? Would it make sense to you if you saw temptations as exercising, or block-building on a playground? Do you agree that if GOD did not lead us to temptations to be tempted then the temptation is a distraction from the goal of glorification? You agree?

Because if you agree, then we can come to an agreement that temptations help us love GOD more. Or – let me say it this way – to attest to our love for GOD and of GOD, we need to go through temptations and pass them. In proving my love for GOD, I would need to pass my temptations and passover them to remain victorious in CHRIST. It’s like this: LOVE GOD? PASS TEMPTATION!

For the Christian, the love of GOD and the love for GOD (which I believe are two separate things of love) should be the drives and motivations to scale through temptations.

But I look at the above paragraph and I’ve seen a temptation about temptations: “do we go in on our own like dare-demons to show to GOD and all the heavenly angels that we love GOD”? No if our minds are right, I hope not. The truth is, GOD is very interested in being told and shown that we love HIM. Let me say this plainly, GOD, who is love, loves to be loved. So if temptations prove our love for GOD, please, brace yourself for temptations; and while we are at this, don’t see temptations as the evil but the very weave through which our garments of medals and honour are woven.

So where does the devil come in?

Let’s just say the examiner of temptations is neither JESUS nor the HOLY SPIRIT but the devil whose main-brain (not membrane) is Satan (read Mathew 4: 1-11 and see how Satan and Devil are collaborative personalities but not the same). So the devil is a volunteer whose accusations are that we do not love GOD and would willfully send us temptations to prove that – only when given permission by the all-forgiving GOD.

I guess I’ve said too much but here’s the last thing I’ll say before I go back to writing my letters to James: sometimes the miracles we rejoice over – when they do not fit into GOD’s purposive will and are blatantly off course the course of GOD’s ordination for us – are temptations. The very wonder that drifts our faith from GOD to signs off GOD are temptations. No. The devil has gone beyond bread to stone, the devil is actively seeking ways to poke at our desires and innermost wishes and to use them as bait for temptations. To these I say, guard your emotions, your desires and your needs from the prying eyes of the devil in the able hands of GOD – through prayer in petition and thanksgiving without forceful requests that negate the understanding that GOD knows us more than we know ourselves and is the rewarder of life in due time and season.

Be rest assured that GOD knows the need and is working it into manifestation as long as you are constantly desirous to be right with HIS Will and Ways for you. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Love, GOD and Temptation

  1. Amen.
    God does love to be Loved.
    Temptations are really meant to make us cling to God more though I still pray daily: Lead me not into temptations.
    Maybe the fear, concern of failing is the biggest factor or just temptations can be distracting. In all things, God makes a way of escape.


  2. hey, Rose! thank you. I don’t think it’s about fear; its more like, “GOD, until you are done making me ready, don’t take me there..protect me”. But Temptations show us how dependent we need to be on GOD.

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  3. I agree…….but sometimes we (let me use I)still fear that maybe we would not be ready or never want to be ready for temptations. Like wish we never get to encounter or experience them (which of course will certainly happen)

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  4. You see that realisation there: the affirmation of the inevitability of temptations? Hold it. Guard it jealously…it would come in handy.

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