The Birth of Death

BOND 300

Dear James,

Ignore the title of this bond. I know it is problematic to think that life gave birth to death and death has lived its life haunted by the need to hunt down life. I could go on: roaming my mind for evidence that death is alive and wishes to be the only form of life…scratch that of existence but that’s not the focus or emphasis, here.

I reckon, in your twelfth verse which is found in the first chapter…you…oh yes that’s true, you never did partition your letter. Anyway, for us, we received your letter in divisions: to aid memory, to give order, to separate words from words in hopes to better understand and give the reader a reason to keep reading. We all love milestones; don’t we, James?

Anyway, I reckon you are to give the genealogy of death and I like how you wasted no time in simply stating it for what it is: desire (lust) brings sin; sin brings death. Some may argue it is a lot more complex and they might be right to do so. There is so much that goes on between desire and sin such that desire isn’t first wrong until it is well conceived in evil. But desire – generally and not relating to lust, alone – is not the problem but what one desires and to what extent one desires a thing. My desire to please GOD, for example, wouldn’t lead me to sin…just yet. But desire comes with a desperation package: one which self capitalizes on to do the bidding of survival which makes GOD’s Will appear like a rival.

I was talking to Itoro, yesterday, about how we get GOD’s instructions and go ahead to do GOD’s work on our own. We have a desire which is good but desire when unguarded is a tool for the emergence of sin by self. And so desire (when fully hatched) gives rise to sin which is the ability to live without GOD; without the implication, without the consciousness of the implication, rather. Between desire and sin is the untold struggle to do the right thing the right way and not the way that seems nearly right. For the Christian, it’s some times a thin line between pleasing GOD, RIGHTLY and rightly being pleased by the need to please GOD. I think it’s here that zeal burns us up like a fire and we toll the unrighteous path in a bid to keep the place of righteousness high. Have you seen people do the wrong thing for the right reason or do the unspeakable evil for a good course or to arrive at a right outcome? That’s the dilemma that desire – when rogue – can achieve.

But this desire which is a weight and burden that easily besets us all to sin – individually as the markings on our palms may be – gives birth to sin. The mother of sin is desire and the murder by sin begins with desire. Where sin is the engine and gear, desire is fuel, oil and lubricant. To be tempted is to be poked by our desires which when conceived – like you, dear James have rightly said – leads to sin.

Then sin, when it is now grown in stature with age and maturity – as master of the fate of the individual – such that they cannot do without this sin as a nature and life, it is manifested in its works which lead to death. Sin in itself is not (necessarily) death; but sin, where it is the seed, planted in the soil of desire, brings forth its fruits which give death. For sin is the package of death when unwrapped by our desires.

For you, James, and for all Christians who are willing to tell themselves the truth: desire begets sin, and sin begets death and death is the end of sin and desire where the end is the purpose and finality of purpose for that matter. It is sufficient to say that if we can tame our desires, we can never conceive sin which means we cannot die. If we can tame our lusts and bring our desires (which are grown lusts) into the captivity of the consciousness of GOD’s Love for and over us, then we shall not die.



Today is the 300th Bond. I cannot say how excited I am and how tensed at the coming if the project’s end…shivers!!!!!

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