The Revelation of Salvation above Excuse

BOND 302

Dear James,

I’ve looked closely and I’ve found this conclusion to be most eminent: GOD is in the business of enlightenment.

I say this because at every point of human connection with GOD, HE is busy making sure that we behold the revelation of truth more than we anticipated it could be. No; I’m not referring to the fact that we were deceived into trying to know good and evil. I’m referring to the post-Fall Agenda of salvation by revelation.

GOD is constantly revealing our inadequacies to us as bait to show us what we need to do in order to be right before the true standard of creation. GOD is busy revealing, placing light over our blurred images, dispersing darkness and giving strength from our weaknesses by making us know what they are in the first place. I realise some of us displease GOD because we do not know that what we do is a source of displeasure to GOD. Some of us kill the life of GOD in us but we do not know what we do; sin is often in the frame of getting us to be ignorant of the complication our wrong decision against GOD’s standard would produce. In pretending to show us the way, sin refuses to show us all the ways in which our vehement refusal to stand for GOD is wickedness to our core connection of creation.

In hurting GOD and truth, we hurt ourselves in ways we are not aware of until the errors are complete by our own hands.

So if all GOD’s goal for humanity, after the fall, is to restore us back to HIM by Repentance, when HE sends word of direction to that effect, we should do more than hear these words; we should do them. It is not enough to know that the house in which you bask upon is on fire, it is important that you follow the voice of salvation that leads you through fire and out.

I’m saying this because we are in hell right on earth when we do not see the effort of heaven to save us and compliment it by total Obedience to the call and concept of life being restored by forgiveness in the cross.

The moment we know a thing is wrong is the best moment to stop said-wrong and move above the enticement of repeating said wrong. For me, it’s the weights that serve as call to consciousness which must be laid off, for others, it could be the misunderstandings.

I also know that once we know that something is not in GOD’s Plan for us, our continuation of such a thing is not just deliberate disobedience but the demand for hell into us. The notion that we can hear GOD’s Call for our repentance – on various spheres of our lives – and do nothing about the call is the very summation of our need to be punished. While I’m hoping this message gets to Christians, I’m very sure those who aren’t would see it as well. Let me explain that twist and I’m done writing about self-deceit.

Because GOD is in the business of revelation: showing us our weaknesses to make us strong, it is safe to say that GOD is equally eradicating the excuses that the lack of knowledge would produce in us. None of us can henceforth say that we did not know because GOD is currently witnessing to us that we do – which is wrong – is wrong. In essence, if we hear GOD say something and do nothing about said-something, we not only deceive ourselves but we make GOD Pilate, washing HIS Glorious hands off our choice for damnation when HE wishes for our contrite redemption.

James, your words are not meagre. Their implications come with heavy deductions and this is why I fret reading them at times because the moment we know a thing, we are guilty if we don’t act to stop said thing from prevailing against GOD-in-us and GOD-with us.

In the end, between where we stand in supposed ignorance and where GOD stands in full Knowledge of our deceit is a (long) range of repentance. We need to – above all things – retrace our steps back to the point of knowledge which changes everything for good.


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