The Conservatives’ Creed: Eight Lovely Christian Notions the World Hates (Part Three)

Bond 303

The Error of Forgetfulness

Sir, the error is forgetfulness. GOD – in HIS Mercy – shows us the errors in our ways and even on our own – by careful evaluation – we can, in turn, arrive at the root of our problems. If we are sincere, there is always a witnessing that our weaknesses are here or there. Sometimes we see it clearly that this friendship is our trigger for sin or this obsession, or this desire or this thought – stray like a dog seeking attention from us at unlikely times, that this urge is the enemy, that our bodies are the root-causes. By careful and truthful investigation, we can trace where the little foxes crawl in and what hole is the source by which the addiction plays itself on the loop.

Sir, if we are honest, we can trace where we fail ourselves, kill ourselves, rob ourselves of the core production of peace. Sir, we can know what our issues are, what the instigation of our evil-breeding is or are but the problem is forgetfulness. Before us, daily is the distraction of deflection of attention almost immediately after thorough reflection.

We live in a terrible world where our wills are always tested and most times we fail to keep – in memory – the implication of failure and audacity to fail when it comes to standing for the very right way we now understand to be a worthy course. Sir, to simply put it the way I’ve been struggling to: we see the challenge, then look away and we forget. Something in us – I’m not sure, I guess I, too, forget – hopes to keep us in the comfort zone of forgetfulness; we hope that if we ignore a thing, a catalyst, the triggering, then it would stop causing us to sin or feel guilty afterwards.

The error is that we don’t retain the result of our deep thinking and musing. For the Christian, it’s worse! Before us, we see the wretched (wo)man that flesh has produced and we see from where the rot begins but when we stop looking, because we are innately in love with the emptiness and the swift-fleeting pleasure that comes with what we do, which is wrong – irrespective of the damage it does to us and our connection with and to GOD, we forget about the track of our error.

We absorb ourselves from the sins as though by ignoring the monster in the dark, the monster ceases to be a monster. Sir, we deceive ourselves: hoping to play dead to the predator of sin in a dire wish that when we pretend we are not what we are then we would somewhat be transformed into who we should be. We look at the mirror, see the defects of sin but immediately forget what kind of wreck we are because we have – over time – been in the habit of ignoring the solution. That when GOD says a thing to us – in whatever way heaven pleases to say – we hear but we don’t act on it. In doing this, continuously, we set a precedence of complacence and a fence of negligence such that we cannot even do a thing to save ourselves.

Sir, because we ignore GOD, we have also trained ourselves to ignore ourselves. So the fourth clause of the conservative creed is to not forget the (wo)man we are because in remembrance, we are always Living in the consciousness of the value and need for consistent sacrifice to remain in the ambits of salvation. When we are not forgetful of who we truly are: dependent flesh to be controlled by spirit, then we would be a step closer to yielding all we have to the very CREATOR who is – in terms of restoration – all we have.

Extra Scribbling

Sir, at first yielding to remembrance doesn’t seem like a whole solution but then what is? There is no quick fix to this than this slow, consistent reprogramming of our minds to obey when told so that we can act, in corrective measures, when we see the errors at play.

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