The Conservatives’ Creed: Eight Lovely Christian Notions the World Hates (Part Four)

BOND 304

Christian-in-Law to Freedom

Sir, I’ve found out that the first false notion about Christianity – which is a blatant error – would be to assume that Christianity is a promotion of lawlessness; to think that the law no longer applies as though to say that the edifice of morality, itself, is gone forever.

Someone – somewhere – by means of wrong doctrine in order to validate a false view of the gospel had, in turn, twisted the words of Paul concerning Jewish mandatory rites on circumcision and we have landed in this ditch. The Christian has never been groomed to be lawless or out of law and any outlaw who validates their lawless hope is not as Christian as they should be.

CHRIST gave us laws which when you look at them were either stricter versions of the Jewish law (because the intentions of GOD were presented to fight cutting-corners) or were laws of the heart which could never encourage the promotion of sin.

Sir, the Christian was made by grace but grace, in itself, is a frame work that requires the truth to thrive; not the absence of law. The truth is that GOD has an order which cannot be broken nor can HIS commands become extinct and that’s where the laws come in. It’s the truth to not lie if one is righteous; it’s the truth to not soil the flesh if one is to be holy; it’s the truth to not perverse judgement if one is committed to GOD.

For the Christian, we have received grace which is power and strength to abide in the tenets of GOD’s framework for humanity so that we do not partake in the influence of sin, anymore. The relevance of this is this: the Christian has before them the perfection of law and this perfect law – which is the righteous life of CHRIST we can mirror by faith in total Submission to the Will of GOD – is our liberty.

For James in James 1: 25, sir, he makes it clear that if we can only but reflect on this perfect law of love as a framework for life, and continue in it: from thought to action(s), we would be blessed for it. It means that the blessings of the Christian are tied to the translation of love from thinking, to activity; from listening to GOD to doing what GOD has said; from confession to profession and vision to progression.

James implies the blessings and I dare say – the fulfilment of the Christian – are hinged on the Christian’s worldview of obeying the law of freedom – love – which neither binds us to slavery nor keeps us in slavery especially the slavery of the world.

The conservatives’ creed is, as a Christian, I am blessed when I am in deliberate obedience to the law; not the law of slavery unto death and sin but the law of liberty by which my very freedom emanates from. This clause in the creed sums the previous ones to a concrete realisation and call to duty.

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