The Conservatives’ Creed: Eight Lovely Christian Notions the World Hates (Part Five)

BOND 305

Taming the Tongue

Dear Ma,

Do you know the Christian? Do you know the one who is like CHRIST? Do you know the one who when we look at them we see CHRIST? Do you know the one who does and is what CHRIST asked to be done? It is the one who has command and control over the vessel of the tongue. The Christian is strong when they have control over the tongue. That’s what James says but I believe there is more. I deduce there’s more to the implication of what James says about the bridling of the tongue (James 1: 26).

For James, Christianity is a religion. I’m not certain I agree but perhaps we can leave that for now. Replace “religion” as “Christianity” under the clause of thought-interpretation lost in popular translation. Ma, what we have is, James says if there’s any among us who says they are Christian and ideally so, they must hold the tongue to subjection otherwise their Christianity is worthless. Do you know why?

Do you know why the tongue is very important as a tool to determine the state of one’s Christian measure? It is because the tongue is the test of the content of the heart. We do not need to look any further from the words of the individual when we try the heart to understand the resolve of life. From the heart, the man and woman speak (Luke 6:45) and by the words, we are all ensnared to act or be subject to an action (Proverbs 6:2). But when we think of the tongue, we need to reflect on the power of words: that great mechanisms by which creation was undertaken and salvation was not mistaken nor redemption forsaken. It is by words that we are who we are so when James says we should bridle our tongues, he is referring to taking hold of words which can make or break us.

The challenge is simply so: is there any one who is Christian? Then they are they who must take responsibility of the words which curate and create life for manifestation. In this clause of the Conservatives’ creed, James implies that the Christian is the person who is sensitive to words and the vessel through which words come forth into the world. The importance of this is, the determination of the state of the heart which is the very seat of authority for Christianity. Anyone who is not Christian at heart is not Christian at all even if they look Christian because the very test of Christianity begins with the heart then translates to the act by virtue of the potency of the heart.

Conclusively, by the tongue, we can be right or wrong; weak or strong and this tells a lot about the use of our Christianity not just as a mention of honour but a journey for the good pleasure of GOD above all.

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