The Conservatives’ Creed: Eight Lovely Christian Notions the World Hates (Part Six)

BOND 306

The Religion that does not Lie

Dear James,

I can not say I’m comfortable with the reference of “religion” when you refer to being acceptable sacrifices to the course of GOD; I can neither extol or condemn that point because it is to many a great gain when you say, “religion”; such that it is the HOLY SPIRIT who is left with the responsibility to bear witness of intention to the heart of the reader beyond the entitlement that comes with the deduction of language and the implication it has to what Christianity is or is not. Don’t consider me a legalist just yet; I am only of the view to test all waters, first, before I drink wholeheartedly.

But let’s assume, for a minute that religion is that which stands as the name of the walk to and by GOD. Let us assume, for a shivering second, that religion refers to the state of being groomed to be acceptable before GOD: the fattening of the lamb procedure, the series of steps that lead upstairs beyond the cares and spheres of natural life to the very edifice – that is – the presence of GOD in the present. Let’s assume that; because when we do, we can boldly say that what matters is the sincerity of heart and purpose before GOD.

For you James, you affirm that the religion which is not a lie, to itself, and is unadulterated – strictly and wholly pure – is the religion that is found in companionship with the helpless in need of help. The religion whose proof is found in completing the work of GOD which is not just the proclamation of salvation and amalgamation of the divine and human but the maintenance of the nature and image of GOD in the flesh. I think of it as a continuation of the command to “dress” and “keep” the garden of our hearts by tending to the trending obstacles that cause others to stumble and fall short of the expectation of GOD upon them. True religion helps – not in ceremonial times alone – but in times when one is out rightly in need.

Dear Christian, true Christianity is evident – but not exclusively limited – in filling the gaps of others who have holes perforated by the circumstances of sin in all instances of humanity. For the orphans, be family; for the widows, be comfort and joy. That’s part of the definition of Christianity.

But you, James, the essayist of straws and works, you take it up a notch. You said it is what has been made above but also this: to be not dented by the world. Pure religion is the state of being untainted by the world: knowing what the world is, refusing to be a part of what it is a part of, fleeing what is highly esteemed in and by the world, foregoing the lusts that govern the world, negating the desires that propel the world to action, being alienated from the cultures of the world, having stamina to resist the urges of the world, saying, “no” to the world, “would not bow to gain you” that’s true religion, which does not lie.

Additional Scribbling

When the world says a thing that the word of GOD did not say, rebuff the world. That’s true Christianity: To be in constant opposition to the stance of the world which is against the standard of GOD. To stand as images of GOD Under the law of liberty and abiding solely in this though the heavens Fall and or hell be acclaimed frozen and cool.

If hell, is cool, the Christian should still decide for heaven.

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