To the Hand of GOD: A Letter

BOND 307

Dear Chika,

There are days I’ve Nothing to say and those days are the best because my self is emptied. My inner resolve of pride is drained. My callous and objective sarcasm is dwindled and all the wit for the world is washed down the drain. It’s the best of days to have nothing to say or nothing scheduled to say and I thank GOD for the shout and also for the silence. To know that the ANCIENT OF DAYS is found in the certainty of such days.

Recently, I’ve had conversation with my family and in between I’ve heard GOD speak through the lips of men just as much as HE speaks through HIS but the ease at which we receive these words is where the definition of humility comes. Humility is defined as this: nakedness without shame. The moment we become clothed in our reins of apathy or disdainful pride, we lose sight of GOD. Say it again: we don’t see GOD if we are concerned with the pride of our lives.

Oh wait let me put it this way, to you, GOD is useless without faith. I’ll say it another way: GOD is non-existent when we have no faith and that’s okay because those who say there is no GOD are they who have no faith and are no more humble because pride is our garment. Pride stops faith and can we glory in faith at the price of pride? Yes! But faith which is faith is that which humbled you seeing that you are at the pleasure of GOD; thus, to please GOD, we need faith, first.

Chika, ehn, I like it when we Christians are open to GOD. The true Christianity is to be naked – not in the flesh for sake of lenient sanity – in thought before GOD, to be helpless only before GOD, to be open, to be bare, to be in fear of GOD, in awe, to the core, to be cut-open and left in the oven – baked until GOD has made us fully ready. Chika, you know this one and I praise GOD for it: if you don’t please GOD, you don’t attract HIM. The Christian must stay attractive to GOD: a sweet savour of sacrifice and a living sacrifice of obedience to command.

For the Christian, hell is the inability to be accountable to the precepts of GOD. For the Christian, the standard of life is not by the perception of (wo)men but the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT – that invisible presence which the world would not know. But brother, here is the snag: that even though the world would not know the HOLY SPIRIT, they would know us and when they do, they’ll see GOD in flesh – which we are. Amen. Oh look, I seem to have said a lot and there’s more…see the blessings of GOD unfolding in every meditation and revelation.

I have one more thing to say: shake the hand of GOD: agree to agree that you would be a worthy vessel and GOD comes to live in you. Shake the hand of GOD – hold it as long as you can; and I’ll begin to say this from now on because I’ve seen it in action: life is by the Hand of GOD.

Live, by the Hand of GOD.

Your brother

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