The Christian Range

BOND 311

Permit me – in all humility – to orchestrate the scene for you on this one. When you think of the “Christian Range” and the “Christian’s Range” and the “Range of Christianity” (since none of them are the same – if we must be fair to ourselves) think of them as boundaries.


For the Christian Range we refer to the limitation that rises from being “one who is sold out to be like Christ”. It refers to the sacrifices that should – emphasis on ‘should’ as a requirement of the ideal – be made in order to maintain that communion of imitation of Christ without conceding to travesty.

The Christian’s Range refers to the personal resolve that the individual Christian has instituted as a means to lay off the weights of the world.

In all these, the Range of Christianity refers to the exemption of Christianity from the compromising interaction of the outer-basin of belief. Consider this range as the place Christianity has refused to uphold because it takes hold of the ideal and shoves it off it’s Gaol and goal.


Think of the Christian range as the Order of Life, the Christian’s Range as Limitation by the Order and the Range of Christianity as the set of those exemptions the individual upholds in order to remain secured by the limitation.

Might i add that not everyone likes this part of the journey: the one that talks about how liberal we can afford if we are to conserve the ideal of Christianity. Everyone loves the freedom but there are prices for this freedom and oh I’ve heard and read the “Christ has paid it all” speech but if we have rejected what is expected of freedom, we perform atrocities to negate that freedom making sin abound because there is grace and mercy in truth. To that, may GOD – indeed – forbid. 

Nevertheless, CHRIST has – in actual – sense paid and we are not in the wrong to say that if we go against HIS payment, we shatter HIS receipt of peace on us and we would need to re-seat for grace if we abandon HIS course of grace for us.


So the Christian is the Christian because CHRIST is the buffer and Order, that is life; that they are contrite imitations of what CHRIST is – not was – and this is the drive for anything which is done. The Christian Range states that CHRIST is the order.

The Christian’s Range is the progression of acceptance of the individual in the Order. it addresses how close to perfect and how near-truth your imitation and assimilation of CHRIST – as the order – is. It refers to the limitation of the Christian.

Limitation refers to the single-eyed syndrome of “only CHRIST” because CHRIST is indeed enough to be mirrored. All that the Christian would need in life is found in CHRIST; thus, the Christian is limited to CHRIST. Bitter pill to swallow is that the Christian can – and should be ready at all times, too – afford to reject any knowledge which stands as opposition to the knowledge of and for CHRIST.

The Christian is limited, let’s agree on this but limited to CHRIST, let;s also agree on this, as well. For the Christian, CHRIST is the only limitation and this limitation has a range which revolves from “virgin-birth” to “life stronger than death” and “life after death”. The limitation of the Christian is this very unlimited power of CHRIST.

The last typology is the Range of Christianity which refers to the collective similarity of ideal with the ideal similitude of GOD. It refers to the agreed, instituted, ecclesiastical summation and submission of life which serves as a source of exemption. When all divine limitations (faucets of CHRIST) are accumulated, they become the Range of and for Christianity. 


Measure what CHRIST stands for with what Christianity stands for and you should understand what CHRIST stands for by looking at what CHRISTIANITY Stands for – void of this are philosophical jargon and nothingness.

Have you seen a Christian – one who is obedient to the Range of CHRIST(ianity)?

Then you have seen CHRIST in full dominion (who is) accountable to GOD, first, then the Order of CHRIST, which is truth and then to self as with the neighbour.

Have you seen the Christian – one who is conscious of the Christian range?

Then you have seen the one who is bound by the knowledge of the price of salvation; to hold fast to what is true until Truth comes, regardless of the hurt that lies as a result of this act. 

Have you seen a Christian – one who is diligent to the Christian’s range?

Then you should have seen one who is not careless to the destination of life unto death and life beyond death; thus, can endure “death in life” for “the life above death”.


Conclusively – i know i hate to say this but I say it anyway – the Christian Range tells the Christian how far is “too far” and is enough. By this mechanism, the Christian has a measurement and a gauge to abide in GOD and that gauge is CHRIST.

Extra Scribbling

If CHRIST did not say anything about a thing – expressly – CHRIST gave us what what to do in order to attain HIS mind concerning that thing. concurrently, no contemporary concern posits an excuse to deviate from the Mind of CHRIST. You have it all embedded in HIS words, and acts and thoughts; you, dear Christian have only to look and you would see, ask and you shall receive as you have asked, seek and you will find, knock and the door (to eternal life) opens.

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