BOND 313


If you feel attacked by the content of this BOND, then perhaps you are being attacked…

The Dilemma of Perfection

Therefore, from pride and disobedience, from rebellion against truth and GOD comes the expulsion from life to death and into the depth of the suffering we can blissfully categorize as life. One would think that this all-perfect GOD has made this imperfect life only to be reassured by the logical deduction that comes with evaluating this very state of walking out of GOD’s will before being walked out of GOD’s benefits.

Who Blinks First

At the point of rebellion and where pompous pride – which leads to wickedness at heart – emerges, there is a total declaration of enmity between the precepts of GOD and the presets of humanity. Imagine the danger to history if it were not so: in other words, all our history has been filled with various versions of humanity walking out on GOD; yet we have the slight inclination to think that GOD has left us to our own demise and peril. This is the reason for the stalemate: GOD does nothing until we do what we should; we refuse to do what we should because GOD does nothing and this pitiful lobbying on ‘who blinks first’ causes our nature to grow sour and needy – if we are to tell the truth.

Two Sides

However, without mincing words on this, you’ll realize that from the time humanity said, “no” where GOD said, “yes”, there emerged two sides to the narrative of life. Two narratives and two versions of events. Two perspectives and also two moral stands – each beautiful in their ways and each one perfect in their own eyes. Resulting in more deep strife which GOD has often sworn not to engage in. At least now we know what side we are on if GOD isn’t engaging with us.

The Divide Of Sides

There are two sides as a result of the emergence of pride. One side GOD’s and the other side, fallen humanity. Where GOD’s is determined by HIS Word (the same ‘tool’ by which HE created and the same which became HIS Ward to protect the will of creation) and the other side determined by the world. In a world of human existence, there would never be an agreement to GOD’s Word. And why would there be when both sides see the same thing differently; one event in different versions of event: for the world, a big bang made us exist, for GOD’s Word, a “Let there be light and there was light”; for the world, GOD doesn’t exists because we cannot see HIM; for GOD’s Word, “the visible works are shadow frames of the invisible GOD”; for the world, the human is a sufficient moral being in their empathy; for GOD’s Word, “our righteousness is filthy and tainted with evil intentions and refined wickedness exhibited in lusts carelessly called love”. For the world, immorality is celebrated art, nudity is ideal motivation of beauty; for GOD’s Word, “modesty is the true virtue of life and the covering of light which is the enlightenment of the soul is the highest version of beauty to be desired – not a outward adorning”. We both see one thing in two different ways and that’s the divide of sides.

What the world sees is the effect and the WORD, sees the source – hidden or Eden.

In these, you’ll see that these two sides agree on one thing – only – and this is to always disagree on everything even on the same thing. In Bond 314, GOD-Willing, the dual narratives and the need for Christian alienation from the world would be addressed and concluded.


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