BOND 314


If you feel attacked by the content of this BOND, then perhaps you are being attacked…

We Know The Truth

So we know that the world and the word cannot be the same: that what brings shame to the word is the source of Fame for the world. We know this as much as we can judge between what is good and evil. Sometimes, we have in us a little bit of both at a given time. Think of the little “you” dressed as an angel on one side and on the other, a little “you” dressed as the devil. However, it’s not that simple these days.

The Narrative of the World

There’s a clear differentiation even if we hope we can’t see it or comment of it. For the world, Noah was a mad man who thought it would rain when all we’ve ever had was dew; for the world, Abraham had to be very stupid to set off at dawn with the aim of obeying an unseen voice commanding him to sacrifice the child he waited over seven decades for. For the world, Jacob had to be very desperate if he thought his experiment with the sheep would actually work; or Joseph who let down a juicy affair in order to please ‘GOD’.

What about Moses who saw a bush with fire not burning up and then though he could walk up to Pharaoh, do a magic trick and all the slaves of Israel would be freed. For the world, a virgin birth in the ancient world would have been deemed a shallow excuse for an impious lady and what about walking on water? How warm should your hands be if you are to wake up a dead child and how loud should your voice be if you would JESUS a Lazarus from death? For the world, it’s all fiction, at best; something a few men would cook up. For the world, (pious) men cooked up the notion of GOD: that GOD created men and sometimes, men forget there’s GOD until evil happens. For the world…

The Narrative of the Word

However, for the word, we have a map of where we begun, how we failed, what was done to bring us back, how we should stay there and what awaits those who wait. In the word, we see how what the world sees came to be. In the word, the explanation of all terrestrial mysteries are revealed: Noah preaching salvation and belief by the simple act of walking into an ark; Abraham presenting faith without losing anything but loss; Jacob showcasing belief in the heat of all realistic doubt; Joseph remaining pious and rewarded for righteousness; Moses recounting dominion and fulfilling his life’s work of freedom.

Then there’s Mary who birthed heaven on Earth and JESUS who proved that the manifestations of creation were wrought by the hands of GOD, HIMSELF. From the word, we know that man – humanity at best – cannot cook up GOD and not get burnt up in the process.

Exclusion of the Christian from the World

It is because these sides are so far apart that the Christian is entreated to be faithful to one. The Christian is commanded to stick to the word by which creation, redemption and salvation were given – on which GOD’s stance, stands. The Christian is asked to consider that if they must remain faithful to the course, then they must be ready to be alienated from the world that thinks of their sustenance as mere substance of imagination. For the Christian, the choice is between staying in the narrative of GOD by the word or living by the fugitive nature prospered by the world.

The Christian is asked to be excluded from the world: excluded from the doubt, from the hate, from the chaos of mindset, from the perversion, from the cultures that attack the very being of GOD and humanity in pure form, from the ovations given to evil and the protests against what is good, acceptable and perfect in the Will of GOD.

Salvation from the world

For the Christian to be Christian, they must be under the command of the word of GOD. One cannot be under this authority and seek to belong to the practices of the world. It is because the world does what it does that the word sought to save us from the influence (of the world) which propelled sin in us.

We are actually saved from the world and the impending damnation it would receive from its stance against the word of GOD; who is GOD.

The reality of Exclusion

However exclusion doesn’t mean that we would not live in the world. Practically, it involves living in but not by the world. It involves waiting for the fulfilment of the word while staying clear from the influences of the world. It involves scaling through the world to prove the power of the word. We can show the supremacy of the word when we live by the word above the turmoil of the world.

Conclusion in Exclusion

In addition the world also refers to the thinking which is contrary to the Word of GOD. So the Christian must think – not as the world thinks but – as the word thinks; not as the world lives but as the word lives – aware that one day we would leave it as well.

Extra scribbling.

I reckon – strongly – that the world would be thoroughly against anyone who lives by the word. It means that the word cannot be celebrated by the world nor can the word exalt the practices of the world. There is a separation of ideals; therefore, one is clear that by act and thought, the world can identify those in the word and vice versa without need of introduction. It is even simpler in difficult times when the true resolves are tested: whether a human being is for the word (though it tarries) or the world (while it parties).

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