The Partiality of Faith

BOND 315

To “Sir”

Sir! We need to face examination. We – faith people – need to examine ourselves in faith, examine our faith and be examined by FAITH. It is time we put ourselves to test by faith, to be tested by faith; to know if our faith remains the same pure undiluted faith which JESUS passed on like fire to instruct and empower us. It’s time we checked if our faith is held with physical desires, is sown with vane expectations that negate the supernatural connotations of faith. It’s time we got evaluated to determine if our faith is not hot-wired with the expectation of vanity such that we ridicule the truth and the need of faith in us.

If our faith is not driven by the expectation of salvation, then, what we have is no longer faith but religious intention which is a veritable tool in the hands of the tempter, the evil influencer, the power of sin or worse, the conviction of reprobation.

Where it gets revealing is that we don’t and should not attempt to receive the power of faith by physical confirmation. Why? Because if we say there’s faith only because all things are working well, then we don’t have faith, at all. But that’s not even what I’m here to address. Ask James, he’ll tell you this thing I’m about to say. The reason why faith no longer works for us and in us is because we have put a blindfold of physical validation on the spiritual vision that faith grants to us. Resulting in the need to base faith on the reins of accomplishment.

So for us, only the rich have faith because they have the wealth of the world and only the successful can preach faith because they have all they wanted and whether it’s by faith or not, it validates them so. The truth is, at the moment we tie faith like a dog to the pole of human gratification, we have given birth to a partial Faith.

There is a Partial Faith, made by the hands of humans like you and me and this partial Faith when evolved with popularity and acceptance juice leads to a Partiality in Faith and when everyone – without quick understanding and absence of thorough spiritual discernment – buy into this fraudulent charade of false faith, what we have is a partiality from Faith and most times, hell is conceived where the finality is achieved when we become partial by Faith – this faith which is not faith but is called so.

A partial Faith makes the rich sinless and the poor in eternal guilt. If our faith is driven by wealth in this world and not the vision of GOD’s judgement on what is right, wrong or worth long-suffering, it has become partial. Yet, partial Faith is that which doesn’t consider the value of the soul above any other thing. Because the ultimate goal of faith is “maintained salvation” and not only certified chastisement due to starvation.

Hence, Partiality in faith is the grown partial Faith which divides the ekklesia as a result of who is more humanly qualified. The goal of the grown version is to silence the HOLY SPIRIT in our communion so that we can judge who is deserving of honour based on how influential they appear. Where the influential in the world cannot be seen as equal with the uninfluential under GOD, we have a Partiality of faith. To those in this, sir, we must remind them that you do not buy with money the ticket to heaven and peace.

Sir, if an adulterated faith insists that we cause division among our members and then prosper a division between people of low esteem and the rest they find in JESUS, we are guilty of Partiality from faith. I know, you know and we know that GOD would not reject a human being because they are too poor to pay an offering. It is only a proud heart that GOD would resist. Sir, if we glory in pride and say we have faith, we don’t have the same faith that raised JESUS from death. It’s that simple!

Then if we prosper ethnic, racial, class and gender segregation and go as far as back it up with tenets of faith, we have become false because GOD-in-all living would not hate you or me because I am Negro, Yoruba, or male. Partiality of faith is what happens when faith is used as an enforcement filter to power hate when in essence faith is love.

To save ourselves from diluted faith which brings a sickness to our souls and pollution to our spirits we must imbibe in ourselves a fervent desire to remove our judgements from faith and allow faith – which is from GOD; therefore not a lie – to work through our bones and rid us of all that we have implanted to influence us and derail our conscious walk towards being pleasing bones and flesh before GOD. What faith would heal in us is the pride that stops us from bowing down to GOD at every point of decision which could make our faith unequal to the truth.

To heal the wound of Partiality to faith is to constantly look upon GOD’s version of vision to every situation and affirm our conviction of submission to GOD before the commencement of any action.

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