Pulling Down the Hierarchy: Creation by Destruction

BOND 316

Your Grace, My Lords

The bill before you stands before many – not just at crossroads but at roads mapped by the cross. I reckon, firmly that every Christian is made to – at one point of life – consider the sublime difference between “what is right” and “what is righteous” before any decision is made. But tonight, I don’t stand before you to debate this course rather my discourse is on the Christian character of destruction as a tool for creation.

Many might argue that in order to start creation, the foothold of darkness had to be destroyed by light and many would say that to break the shackles of ignorance, one must be liberated by knowledge. The very nature of destruction is embedded in the sprout of creation. For some, one thing must go for another to come and like dropping solid gold into a basin of water filled to the brim, we must experience loss if we are to gain. My Lords, for the Christian it is just as much the case.

The transformation from “the soul who is in total subjection to the power sin” to “the soul who subjects sin to the power of GOD” deals with the loss-for-gain effect. For us, the LORD, GOD by HIS Word – powered in HIS Light and Love – works on us by pulling down the hierarchies of rejection, subjugation and submission to ignorance. You might graciously say, HIS Words works the wonder of liberty so wonderfully well.

Therefore, if our members have been – beforehand – yielded to darkened understanding or the reins of pride and unequal compassion for self-destruction expressed in acts – powered by thoughts – GOD breaks them down. GOD Breaks the strongholds of our high places – only if we let HIM do HIS Work through our willingness and the power of HIS purification of our renewed minds.

For the Christian – and I must add: to be safe against being misconstrued – and GOD’sBondMan, if we are clay, GOD breaks us down, waters our form to a permeable state and begins to remold us. To beat and form us into shape until we are refined to fit into HIS Will. As clay, at anytime, GOD cuts off unnecessary pieces from us and calves us, at will, so that when we stand before the fire to be finished, we are perfected. As iron, GOD bends us and better still melts us with fire then recasts us into the befitting structure. For iron-made bondmen, GOD sharpens our edges and ensures that we are in the shape of HIS Design as perfect in HIS Will.

Clay must not envy iron because of strength nor iron envy clay because of aesthetic finesse.

All forms are from GOD as Gifts to the world to transform it to the consciousness of HIS Word. It is sufficient to say that GOD is very intentional.

Your Grace, it is at this stage that we attain an understanding of GOD which neither doubt, not trials or desire or need can take away. Why, it is GOD who guards HIS thoughts in us if only we let HIM through our intentions. My Lords, by this process of refinement, destruction that brings creation, the Christian – GOD’sBondMan – evolves. (Laughs).

Our evolution is to the course of pure transformation which we can ably measure by having less of the world and more of HIS Word – the impact and conscious implication of morality witnessed to our consciences – everyday in refinement.

We become conscious of the responsibility of duty to please GOD and in this have pleasure of life. Your Grace, my Lords this is the fortification of faith in Christianity. I cannot speak for the other religions present today but this one I can tell you of – boldly without delay.

My Lords, it’s also important to state that it is the Christian thing to imitate…to destroy the wrong hierarchies especially those who have no GOD in them. It’s the Christian thing to do…destruction of evil for the creation of good is the Christian thing to do. We take what GOD has done to us and spread with the world. Call it colonisation, imposition, advertisement, evangelism…it is about copying and pasting the nature of GOD to stop evil and extol good from heaven to the earth.

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