Pulling Down the Hierarchy: Revolution by Implementation

BOND 317

So your Grace, my…Lords, this bill of rights validates us in our best forms of worship to be in opposition to anyone who blasphemes the process of creation by defaming the name and character that validates the process. It states that anyone who is rich in Fame and high in claim who – by reason of this risen nature above others – proceeds to blaspheme the Noble name of the Messiah (by whose hands the creation by peaceful destruction is orchestrated) should receive no acclaim from Christians and is worth no adoration by reason of ecclesiastical settlement.

It also states, that Anyone who oppresses the course of GOD in you, in me, on earth, or beneath it, and utilities the laws of land to impose sedition of your soul is worth no admiration. Such an individual -whoever they may be – has no place in the edification of the Christian and must at all time – save by virtue of Repentance – seek a means of restitution before any institution of Christianity should disengage from any form of inhibition.

Your Grace, are we trying to declare war by ecclesiastical law? GOD forbid. Unless you believe peace is the architect of war. This bill, my Lords, instructs the faithful Christian to be true to themselves and what they stand for by stating – in full understanding – the state of the Ecclesia to any and all who stand against the premise of true and contrite salvation. It is an error for the Christian to be in support of that or those who are not in support of the work of GOD in humanity which is predominantly to reinstate the value of creation into the composition of humanity – by faith.

This bill of rights is also a manifesto for practical Christianity when it comes to engagement by means of assertiveness. It is – as I earlier said -the Christian thing to do when we speak of creation of good by destruction of evil. It is therefore not out of place that this bill ends with an admonishment on how the Christian can uphold the stance of heaven upon the earth. As the prophet Jeremiah was told, so we unfold in this law. The Christian is mandated by law of heaven upon earth to upset the hierarchy of evil and set up the eminence of good in conduct, speech and thinking which in turn becomes culture and living.

The Christian thing to do is to:

Root out

Root out the seed of corruption planted in our society, one flaw and misgiving at a time. No need for large scale rancor. If one person roots out in their stead, we are on course though it tarries.

Pull down

Not just the Patriarchy but the hierarchy of wrong thinking, a mindset of which is best eradicated. Pull down the extolled immoral intentions embedded in our lives so deeply that we cannot see it as the cause but we fight the effects, fruitlessly.


All that is evil for the creation of good to be heralded at which point the postulates of this bill would not just be ideals but would be the deals I solemnly hope we see as the life of bliss

Throw down

The debris of corruption. Beginning with the top and settling for reinforcement of moral law at the bottom. Making an example of wrong by punishing the very thought of crime from soul to body and action in the physical.


The very edifice of righteousness. Not a building of worship but a temple of hearts who are geared to please GOD regardless of how good life is or how bad life gets.


To plant (into the hearts of those who grow up to take charge of society) the inevitable incursion that GOD is sovereign and it is by HIS standards that all life – human and otherwise – should be tailored to.

Your Grace, my lords, I thank you for patience to grant me audience in this presentation but I ask that we not just be hearers but doers of that which is right. In the case of doubt regarding feasibility, we can turn not just to the Bible but the written codes in our hearts to serve as witness that this is what GOD, the universe and all good pillars of life expect of us who make mortal law, impartial. Once again, thank you for audience and eminence.

Your Grace, my Lords…


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