A Narrative of Love

BOND 318

You need to sit down for this.

From GOD came light that took away power of darkness and in light came life which is the existence of all things. From existence came order and order came creation. From creation came living and everything that was and is. From living came instruction and command for continuity, with instruction was the need to be obedient and remain in the ambits of good. But let’s say living failed to understand the need for obedience then lust came in and quest for more wisdom, for freedom and the urge to expand the ambits of living. From desire to live beyond the life (from GOD) came death. From death came separation and expulsion by rebellion, from expulsion came pain and all evil was unleashed. From evil came weakness and weakness brought degeneration which is seen in every generation the best being only the first. Then degeneration brought the worst out of living: evil thoughts, wickedness in imagination and wrongful machination to hate for one another, plots to end living for survival. With plots came strife and abominations of disunity, to which was apathy for the standard of existence. When the order of GOD was tested whether it could be bent, or broken or amended to suit any purpose aside mend nature for good, GOD destroyed what was and created anew. A new life emerged from perseverance and love, from obedience and grace which is grave piety unto GOD but living could not be perfect without GOD’s order so there was a timeline and process of redemption. Every man and woman, called by GOD, was a piece in the build for humanity’s final showdown for peace. And Abraham brought faith, a belief so strong, it saw through blindness and Isaac brought Obedience, a faithfulness so great, it rewarded by fruitfulness and Jacob when he was maimed received power to recover and Israel when it was a captive received grace to be liberated and Moses and Elijah and all others whose names did not make record book memory; including every star which shone over a pillar of fire or cloud by time. And GOD brought laws to be written in our cultures and laws brought the consciousness of morality in us but this consciousness was a pointer to sin and sin was good to be seen but if it was all we saw then we were never (really) free from it and freedom is gold so man devised ways to outwit the law and prosper sin in the earth. But God quickened the conscience by coming in flesh. And the fleshy GOD, Messiah, brought our minds to reason with GOD, with reason came power to see the intention of GOD. With intention came hope and hope brought an expectation and expectations usually power us to sustained reformation if given full attention. And now in living, we have grace which is the mind behind the law to know “why” just as much as “what”; and to answer the question for morality – no one is a zombie for righteousness, at least not anymore. But with this grace, which is better than the law, comes truth and power to overcome the repercussions of separation and be united with the mind and knowledge of GOD. With the coming of GOD into the authority of our hearts comes the unveiling of the law of grace engraved in our consciences. In grace, we have this law and it is to love. In grace we have this law: to love GOD and then to love others as we love our own selves; to love life; to love the death that brings life in crucifixion; to love joy and the peace of truth; to love and to love for that is the new law. But love is not that which is solely desire if so we would all be consumed in the fire of affection. Love is that which hovers around the willingness to do good as was the order of creation. It is to stand on the enlightened understanding of reformation of character, living and consecration even until death, unflinching. So love brings transformation and with certification which ensures an institution of “what is to be” over “what should not be”. So love is the monarch over all good-doing and reigning over all beautiful intentions in gallant thoughts fit for living. But without love, we all become law-breakers, worthy of death – even in grace – required to be convicted of our own Partiality to complete and continue the new mercy found in GOD writing the code of love in our hearts – found in every beat. Every breath we have is another chance to live by love and this is salvation: that our souls live by the love of GOD and spread this love to others and that this love is a pointer to light which takes away the darkness of sin and that it is by love that creation is repeated where we are all made new living beings in the order of GOD. It is by love that we please GOD and this is the beauty found in scripture: a portrait of humans showing and declaring our continued crucible to attain love so great and remain connected to THE GOD so magnificent, we would always go wordless to describe HIS Love for us.

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