Two Houses Made of Cards: A Letter

BOND 319

Dear Jen,

You know that miracle that comes with the struggle for perfection, I strive for it every time, I thrive by it, too, GOD’s Grace abounding. It’s the liquor for the mind, it’s our high, never lose it when you get it and don’t stop till you get it. Why? Because by perfection, you experience what completeness should be – at the least, you get to understand what it should be. Let me set the stage for you.

It’s the 319th Bond, today, and if I’ve not learnt anything about human behaviour, I’d be of all bondservants most miserable. Even I tend to shock myself once in a while and I’m not referring to the occasional outbursts of CONFLICT. Now look at the stage, once again. There’s always a dilemma for completeness, a degree of presence where all components must be in place for you to feel the “High” of good grace.

Sometimes, there’s the issue of good content and bad (or let me settle for “wrong audience”). Not everyone would be interested in what you put forward no matter how good it is – especially if it’s not something that keeps the comfortable graph going. Sometimes, it’s the wrong people who see the good you do and you might almost assume it’s not good enough until the right people come. To this I say, keep doing what is right, the right people would come.

Sometimes, it’s about good concept, but the wrong way of transmission. Having the right thing to say but lacking the right means to say it and in the end, the effect is diluted one way or the other. Then there’s the case of having a beautiful way of transmission, a good concept, the right audience but doing it all with a wrong motivation. If GOD isn’t the reason why we do GOD’s work, our effort is as good as…nothing. Hard realisation; but true. My point is, every day, I’ve always had this consciousness that everything has to be present: the content, the drive, the motivation, the design, the arrangement, the promptness – where it applies – and even with prayers and hope, the right audience. That’s what it humanly takes to get the bonds out Every time…

For the bonds, all the components must be present and if one is missing, the bond tends to tilt towards travesty. When I think of this, I think of the law, too. Yes, I’m a Christian, a born-of one (in confession and profession) but I equally believe in the improvement of the law.

When I think of the law, I reason it to be more than cultural reminders of morality given to a stubborn breed of humanity. I think of it as GOD emptying HIS concept of life to everyone. But like the bonds, the laws are very dependent on completeness. All the tenets are connected in ways too complex to untangle by any form of evolution of thoughts. It’s important to state that no part of the law is less in importance or worth disregarding because all were given by the same perfect and supreme being: GOD. It means that all laws depend on others and as James rightly says, none of them are abolished for the survival of others. No single law is killed for another to be extolled. That’s not how GOD works, worked or would continue to work. We can’t be selective on which to obey. Jen, just for a minute, imagine the tragedy of me picking to disobey, “thou shalt not kill”…you know me well, if that was the case…well let’s thank GOD for JESUS and transformation.

My point – which isn’t mine, alone – is that we transgress all laws if we digress from the obedience of as little as one. Read that aloud and then mention “Comfortable Christian” or “Complacent Christian”. How does the oxymoron sound in your mouth? Hard truth? Yes I know.

If we must be polished then we must do this, know that nothing GOD has established can be abolished save by the one who established, then move on to establish (in our minds) that we cannot by our powers please GOD with the adherence of the laws. What we can do is obtain grace by virtue of SALVATION through a conscious decision to mirror the giver of laws and grace. We can be holy, Jen, we can be perfect as HE is perfect. We can, yes we can.

Your brother

The Resolution is in our DEN…

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