Christianity and Judgement

Bond 320

You have to sit down for this.

You know that voice that constantly tells you that you cannot be better than you already are; that at some point in your “changed life” you would return to your old life from which you changed? You know how that voice always comes at the point where you need to decide to not turn back? You know that voice? It’s the influence of the enemy that you must crush.

Upon the head of the serpent, you must crush
Lest your heel, it ceases in its teeth

I started this way because people say a lot of wrong things these days especially when they make GOD look warm to sin and lukewarm to evil and soft on redundant repentance and glad with clad faulty desires. GOD is not that way. A part of GOD is merciful – don’t be in doubt because if HE weren’t so much as merciful you wouldn’t have a witnessing of love showcased in HIS life running through your veins and nostrils. However, GOD is more than merciful, GOD is just and just as GOD is, GOD is the judge – not just to conviction into punishment (at the end of it all) – and the separator of that which is in liberty from that which is bound by death. Let me attempt to pull this closer.

The Christian should – at all times – be conscious that they are accountable to GOD and the Law of HIS Order. The Christian should know that whatever they say or do (and in worse cases: do not say or don’t do) are all required evidence in a final evaluation of life. Being saved by Grace doesn’t mean that are absorbed from overcoming iniquity and the treachery against GOD. It is in our memories to always live for GOD as HE wants us to but far be it for us that we would refrain from this responsibility and expect that GOD would compensate us in mercy when we have out-rightly and deliberately trampled on HIS grace and turned our gaze from HIS Face.

The Christian should be conscious of Judgement – not just the judgement of men seeing that no man is absorbed and completely worthy to judge but the judgement of GOD through JESUS whose words search our hearts and divide our souls from our spirits to see what it is that makes us do what we do even if it is good that we do. The Christian should not forget that even though we’ve been given right to be heirs of GOD’s Kingdom in Earth and then in heaven, we have a duty to step into that right by living right and rightly leaving what is wrong – no matter what we lose here on Earth.

However, for the Christian who refuses to live in the constraint of mercy – not just to themselves, their neighbours or to the standard of GOD found in HIS Promises – there would be no mercy at judgement. We obtain mercy when we give mercy and this is not a karma musing; it is what GOD Has instituted deep within our bones. Since GOD shows us mercy – that we often don’t deserve – we give mercy by living as GOD lives, to be instruments of GOD purpose; thus through us the entry of GOD to the world is fulfilled. To obtain mercy greater than we can bargain for is to tell others about the GOD of mercy; it is to live in the consciousness of the GOD of mercy whose word is our law and to whom we are accountable.

Where we represent the interest of GOD with the jealousy that what affects GOD also affects us when we give mercy which thrives over judgement and triumphs over punishment. There would be no need to punish the one who has made GOD glad; who by virtue of understanding has established the kingdom of GOD on earth so that when humans forget about GOD, they are reminded when they look at the Christian and just as CHRIST triumphed over the human forgetfulness of GOD, we, too, can stand as lamps and mirrors revealing the grace of GOD’s Mercy to the world by HIS WORD, unforgotten.

Additional Scribbling

If we refuse to be what GOD says we should be or do what GOD says we should do or think as GOD says we should think, we are worthy of judgement which has no mercy seeing that we did not give mercy as we have been ordained to.

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